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We are thrilled to announce that Vuze is now the exclusive platform for Neko Rahmen, an anime series about an entrepreneurial cat, Taishou, who runs a small ramen shop in Downtown Tokyo and Mr. Tanaka, his only real customer. It’s a very funny and unique series. What’s especially cool is that each episode has been produced by a different creative talent, so you get to see wildly different styles of animation and storytelling from episode to episode, while still on a consistent larger story arc.

Neko Rahmen also marks the first time Vuze has taken on the responsibility of subtitling content. It’s also the first piece of licensed anime programming on Vuze available without DRM. And yes, it’s totally free to watch and own thanks to ad-support.

For the anime industry it’s also a first in many ways. Right now anime online is either licensed from the local DVD distributor (like ADV Films, Geneon, Viz, etc.) or is unlicensed. It’s very hard to find examples of online video platforms licensing content directly from the Japanese producers. We were fortunate to work with a ground-breaking animation company, Think Corporation, based in Tokyo, that allowed us to translate and offer Neko Rahmen outside of Japan. This is the first time that a major animation company has allowed something like this.

So check out Neko Rahmen and some of the other free anime series on Vuze like Girls High, Bubblegum Crisis and Vampire Princess Miyu.

And if you have any thoughts on the content post or a comment on the video, shoot us a note. We definitely want to know what’s on your mind.

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