More than just a (great) bittorrent client

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If you think there have been a few changes around here lately, you’re right. We’ve been busy in Palo Alto. We thought we’d take the time to tell you a bit about why we made these changes, what they are (in case you haven’t spotted them all), and what other changes are on the horizon.

We have a big vision here at Vuze. We don’t want to be just the bittorrent application you came to love. Rather, we want to create the best all-in-one application for finding, playing and sharing great content, especially the high-quality content you’ll discover on the Vuze Network.

Finding torrents: Improved search

We want you to be able to discover great content wherever it lives on the web. Our new search engine lets you search for content on Vuze, as well as sources outside Vuze. Try a search and see what we mean.

Sharing torrents: new Friends feature

Everyone likes to share stuff with their friends. Well, now we’ve made it really easy to share your favorite torrents with friends. All you have to do is to become Friends on Vuze and then you can share any torrent with them, without ever leaving the application. If they’re a good friend, they’ll share what they find with you, too.

Get a Boost

And, you get another added bonus when you create a group of friends on Vuze. Your friends automatically become your own personal swarm where you give each other preferential access to each other’s bandwidth and make downloading faster. It’s what we call a “Friend Boost”. So, the more friends you have, the faster it is to download. So boost and get boosted.

Try out all our new features, leave us comments here or in our forums telling us what you think and what you’d love to see in future releases. If you are curious about what other people think, you can also check out these articles from ZeroPaid, NewTeeVee, Slyck and TorrentFreak. And remember, these changes are only the first step. We have more upgrades in store, so stay tuned.

Gilles and the Vuze Team

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Guest Contributor

  • Diamond Dave


    Keep up the good work!

    I am impressed.
    (I am not easily impressed.)
    But I am IMPRESSED!

    I think you good folks got something very interesting.

    Irony of it is that you really don’t quite know what wonderful, “the proverbial killer app” you have got — just yet!

    So let me help you good folks see what good hi-tech stuff you have!

    Feel free to collaborate — with a visionary!

    Anything I can do to help or develop new products, be bold to contact me!

    Have fun doing what you are doing, pals!

    Best regards,

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    All rights reserved.