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FCC Chairman, Kevin Martin’s conclusion last week that Comcast had been improperly blocking bittorrent traffic was, for us, a major milestone in what has been an exciting journey that began in November of last year.

We had known for some time that ISPs were throttling bittorrent traffic, and we realized that our vantage point on the industry put us in a unique position to stand up for what’s right. So we decided we had to take action. We filed a petition with the FCC asking them to put in place clear rules on the issue of ISP network management practices.

Since then we have testified at an FCC hearing at Harvard, attended a second hearing at Stanford, joined with our community to monitor traffic throttling practices, and published our findings. All along the way, we have been overwhelmed by the support we have received from our community of users, from their comments in forums to their participation in collecting data with our plug-in.

So, we were thrilled to learn of Chairman Martin’s conclusion and to hear that he agreed with our cry of “foul!”. We were particularly pleased that Chairman Martin asked Comcast to be transparent with consumers about their past practices and future plans for network management. From the outset we have said that, to be fully effective, rules must be accompanied by a requirement for transparency into what ISPs are actually doing.

The Chairman’s statements do not yet represent the view of the full Commission. However, we hope the other four Commissioners have the courage to follow Chairman Martin’s lead and adopt a decisive order condemning the use of the “man in the middle” technique and other similar network management tactics. And while we await the Commission’s decision, we will continue to push for the rules we believe are required to create an open and free Internet that will benefit consumers everywhere.

Jay and the Vuze Team

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Guest Contributor

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  • Diamond Dave

    Yeah, I see what you mean.

    DITTO, pals!

  • kosmas

    please can someone tell why when i put the name on cearch
    i click the icon and is highliting the name on the cearch only. it seems i can not cearch the file that i want thank you

  • Rebecca

    My Vuze just updated – however I don’t have a widescreen monitor and I cannot see past the top grey bar where you can apparently change to the advanced view? If someone can help me in moving this bar – as it doesn’t move when the bottom half of the screen does (when I scroll), so I cannot get to any of the commands after share/launch/up/down…. whatever comes next I cannot get to?
    Your help would be graetly appreciated!

  • kitty

    I don’t understand anything in the new vuze o.o I definitely liked the old one


    Nice, thank you for everything you done for all web users around the world.
    The web must be free and we have to fight for it.
    THX ;)

  • dl underhill

    How do I stop vuze from automatically updating to the “new vuze”?

  • erik

    i dont know what you did with the vuze program!! i use to get blazing download on most everything from what ever site i chose to use but ever since the last couple of update that were forced on me and by the (automatic weather you want it or not)downloader,it now seems the they download at a snails pace!!!!!!!! i dont understand!!! if something isnt broken and works really fast why mess with it,and i know it NOT my conection because my other PC’s without vuze still blaze away!!!
    i guess ill have to start looking for another torrent program to use!

  • SweepayhoflonelexWep

    esylknhjxipqrducwell, hi admin adn people nice forum indeed. how’s life? hope it’s introduce branch ;)

  • Robert Singleton

    what good is vuse i cannot download anything at all