Vuze 4.0 is Here!

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“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”

- Winston Churchill

Over the years, we’ve been working to turn Vuze into the easiest way to find, download, and play high quality and especially HD videos.

On this road, we’re continually coming up with new features and moving as fast as possible to get them into your hands – though neither our speed nor execution lives up to the “perfection” cited by Mr. Churchill.  In fact, our speed occasionally led us to bolt features onto the existing interface in less than optimal ways, and to push core functionality into hard-to-reach back corners of the product (aka “advanced tab”).  As our users, you’ve told us loudly and clearly which changes you’ve loved (which has been great) and which you’ve hated (which we’ve tried to learn from).  With your feedback in mind, we decided a few months back that the time was right to re-think how the various parts of Vuze should fit together to form a great product.

Today, we launch Vuze 4.0, which has been directly inspired by your feedback.  In this release, you’ll find a few key things:

  • First, you’ll find a dramatically streamlined and redesigned client.  All the features you know and love are included in the new design.  We’ve simply focused on improving usability and ease-of-use.
  • Second, you’ll find new subscriptions functionality.  Now, you can easily find subscriptions related to content in your library, in the Vuze Network, or create your own subscriptions using Vuze Search or RSS.
  • Third, those of you who use private trackers will find that our powerful meta-Search functionality now supports logins with user ids and passwords.  (And if you haven’t yet tried our new Search, you should definitely check it out.)
  • And finally, we’ve made some major improvements to our emerging content platform, the Vuze HD Network, to make it easier for you to find videos that interest you.

What are you waiting for?  If haven’t done so yet, you can click here to download Vuze 4.0.

We’re really excited about these changes.  Let us know what you think as you dive in and take the newest Vuze out for a spin.  We’ll continue to refine and enhance Vuze for you, based on your comments.


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Guest Contributor

  • RHarmsen

    Vuze 4.0 is great!!!!
    I’m already loving it!

  • harrison gumbo

    vuze is so gr8 but i dont know at times its so slow here but the big thing though is that i like it big time

  • Johannesfaust

    hey guys, i have vuze and works quite well…i tried to upgrade to vuze 4.0 but the installation file seems to be corrupted, I can not install it. I have windows vista ultimate.

  • Ivan

    Hey. I have a little problem because when my Vuze is ON (downloading) my wi fi sistem (in home) start to failure, I don’t know what I have to do. Any help with this little problem???.

  • Sildar

    I got the notification that there was a new Vuze client redesign for users of the Classic UI while I was using the Classic UI. :P

    I really like the new look of Vuze in the screenshot on the download page, but I’ve installed version 4 and the new layout doesn’t really resemble that screenshot much at all. Misleading and a little disappointing.

  • ricky

    @Ivan: You have to actually turn _off_ classic mode and go into the redesigned mode to get into the new look.

    Apparently, it doesn’t replace the classic mode–this new classic mode-inspired UI replaces the Vuze redesigned UI. Which is good. :)

  • Francisco

    Vuze was using between 13 and 18% of cpu before the upgrade, and now using 70~90% of the cpu?!
    im really sorry, it’s pretty and all that, but not what im looking for… im sticking with the previous version.

  • Dave

    Installation says file is corrupted.

  • Dave

    Error message when installing install4j wizard “The installation file is corrupted. If it is a download please try again.”

  • Eric

    I love Vuze on my iMac. When I upgraded many files said they could not be copied, loaded, etc. I tried doing a straight download from the main page, and I get the same thing. I have no frog icon, just a generic app logo. Let me know when the download is fixed, so I can keep enjoying my Vuze.

  • L

    I liked the old design much better.

  • SR

    I got Mac. Upgraded to this and it crashed 3 times already within an hour with a few downloads going on. Not good. I think I have to go back to the older version until they fix it.

  • ARS

    I only use Vuze as a torrent client, I don’t use all these media search bells and whistles. What changes have been made to the torrent interface from version 3?

  • Malleus

    The new interface is beautiful, but i want the old “advanced menu” back.

  • John Fernandes

    @Johannesfaust, @Ivan, @Dave, @Eric, @SR, @Joel, and everyone, please check out for help with the issues you’re having.

  • Joel

    Is this where we ask for help? In Vuze 4.0, if you highlight something in your library and click the big X “delete” button, it actually deletes your files. How do you get it so it just removes it from the library but doesn’t delete the actual files?

  • mgjv

    I’d also like the old ‘advanced’ button back. I switch between the classic and new interface quite a bit, and it’s a pain to have to restart.

    I’ll stick with 3 until I can easily switch again.

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  • General Specifics

    Great app guys.

    It’s great, computer has been on for the last 24 hours or so downloading things.


  • John Fernandes

    @Joel and @mgjv, just go into your Library, and click the “View” button on the global toolbar. You’ll be able to toggle between basic and advanced views.

  • Jacob Nordfalk

    Could this new version be downloaded via the update manager?

  • mgjv

    @John Fernandes: Thanks for that. That seems to be pretty much what I was looking for. Thanks.

  • Jim

    The new UI is certainly not my cup of tea, the classic UI still says “Vuze” in my taskbar, with no apparent way to make it say anything else, and the UI switch button is still encroaching on my toolbar. If it weren’t for core functionality updates, I’d still be on Don’t mind the new logo though.

  • MeAgain

    I don’t like the blinding bright redesign. It hurts the eyes, as well as all the tons of other blinding-bright websites out there. (Yes! Sorry to say…not because of my taste – White is just the brightest colour, you know?)
    Is it possible to switch back to the dark design after installation?

  • Derrick

    Hmmm; it’s an improvement, but I’m still finding myself generally not using it. I tend to prefer Vuze to act primarily as a download manager first and formost. I don’t need or want Vuze to act as a media player or library.

    I do like the browsing and searching functionality, but I still shut it all off in order to get the power and simplicity of the classic interface.

    I dearly wish I could open the new Vuze UI as a tab within the classic UI to have access to the browsing and searching without having to manually switch UI’s to get at it – as I generally don’t bother, and just leave it on Classic all the time.

    What it comes down to is this: Both UI’s have features I like, but it’s too awkward to switch between them. Move the new UI tools into a tab on the classic UI and I’ll love you forever.

  • Dustin

    No more ‘Advanced’ tab? uTorrent here I come.

  • John Fernandes

    @Dustin, don’t go! Just go into your Library, and click the “View” button on the global toolbar. You’ll be able to toggle between basic and advanced views.

  • T-Rav

    Nice update, but I was really digging the whole “dark” interface from the last version. Maybe you all could implement a way to use either the “light” colored version or a dark colored version of the new interface.


  • Lionel Lim

    Everything is fine except that when my Vuze is on, frequent disconnections concerning my internet occur. Anyone knows why?

  • zerock

    Can I make Vuze a Media Library, and add content from my computer?

  • Richard Scholtz

    I never write to software companies
    You guys have done a super job –including torrents and an online video storage site in the new Vuze

    Been a user for a while now — ditched Veohs and Limewire and Utorrents ad some forgeiotten nameless one for the one and only Vuze

    V 4.0 Rocks…Glad you kept the froggy icon….and the advanced view and the sharing ratio data

  • Kiriakos

    the new version just rockss
    great work you people. keep going ;)

  • Kat

    I see the view option in the library/advanced area, but there’s that big fat sidebar on the left I do not need taking up my space. Is there a way to get rid of it or must I go uninstall and find a download of the old version to replace it? I loved the last version but this was too much change for me. Please e-mail me the answer if you get the chance to respond ;)

  • robz

    works awesome. thanks.

  • Markus Schaber

    @Lionel: It could be that the “Mainline DHT” crashes your NAT firewall due to too much open connections.

  • Kelly Roberti

    Can I install 4.0 on top of

  • NeoMK

    Yes. I also have loaded and would like to know if you can simply install over the top. Also, I am presuming I have to install manually as I can no longer get the auto-download/install feature to work?

  • Huri

    When Vuze 3.0 came out, I tried it, and switched immediately to the “Classic” interface, as I just did not like the Vuze 3 layout. I installed Vuze 4.0 and I must say “wow”. This is what Vuze was meant to be. It’s much nicer than the Vuze 3 interface, and is closer to the Classic UI, while at the same time providing a lot more features. The integrated search with user-created plugins is very nice.

    Great change, keep up the good work!

  • hekki

    as zerock already said, using vuze as a media library for any kind of media files like videos and mp3 would be awesome.
    then everything would be included in one great program.

    Is something like that planed for the future?

  • dennisnl

    if im downloading with an old version will it continue on 4.0?

  • ray

    what font is used for the vuze 4.0 search ?

  • Rudi

    ANy time I’ve crashed over the last two days since installing this new version has resulted in all downloading files to lose all data. So I might get files that were at 80 or 90% starting again with 0.5 or 1 %. A recheck of the pieces doesn’t help.

  • Avan Tarziz

    further… If these ‘changes’ have been made to make VUZE 4 more ‘Vista-friendly’…. I hope you didn’t put too much time into that, now that Big Blue is finally putting a bullet into that sad excuse for an OS’s brain (none too soon…). With the old version I could easily download 10 torrents (or more) at once… with this one, 1 maybe 2, then it totally loses the the plot. Everything slows down, RAM usuage spikes to the point where I have to sit here manually freeing RAM so I can do anything else. So many people in previous comments are going on about the ‘hot new’ look… who give a sh_t if it doesn’t work properly!!
    If anyone else is having similar problems… speak now!! If you don’t we are going to get more of the same (remember Vista…)

  • bobs

    hi, i don’t like the new graphic version of Vuze 4. I rather like vuze 3.x. i cannot understand, why the developers force the people on to use new graphics. Will it be changed in future ? (i mean possibility to change to older graphics)

  • Zoness

    If you use the classic Azureus then is upgrading to Vuze 4 important?

  • Ian Douglas

    Been using Azureus for years and have been happy, but now, on a new unibody MacBook Pro, on OSX 10.5.5, I just can’t get it to quit, AT ALL. Not even force quiting it will quit it. It also stalls restarts and shut downs, so I have to power down. If you don’t fix this very soon I’ll be dumping it completely from my system.

  • Ben Fogle

    Ian, I have the exact setup as you. macbook pro (new 17″) max osx 10.5.5 and I dont have any problems with it running. Just dissapointed that Vuze is not what it used to be.

  • svb

    The new Vuze has major problems with Windows Vista Ultimate SP1. It blocks the system. After using Vuze 4 I get a screen with “error – securityoptions” when pushing CTRL-ALT-DEL to see the task manager. Explorer.exe crashes. Cannot open internet explorer or firefox after/while using Vuze 4. The process Azareus.exe stays active in the processes (cannot kill the process). Also bad download performance.

    On my other PC I have Windows XP SP3 and there it works fine. The performance of Vuze 4 could be better tough (compared with old versions of Azareus).

  • Will

    Personally I dislike the new 4.0 interface. I think 3.x’s interface made much better use of desktop space. The Tabs at the top are better, and take up far less room. If anyone knows of a way to switch back to 3.0 without loosing the behind the scenes advantages of 4.0 please let me know. As for me, am promptly going to uninstall 4.0 and go back to 3.0 until programmers stop wasting desktop space in order to make something look space age.

  • ñaña

    I also have a problem installing vuze 4.0 in vista, it says “C:\Program Files\Vuze\swt.jar Could not create this file.

  • Андрей

    Отлично написано. А это все на основе Вашего личного опыта? :)

  • Константин

    Отличный сайт! Если нужно убить пару-тройку часов – вам сюда :)

  • Bob

    If i shut down vuze will my downloads continue please help

  • Rich

    Doesn’t install on Vista sp1 x64 – can’t create Azureus2.jar

    The only way I got this working was completing the failed installation then copying the Vuze folder from an XP box into my Vista one. Even then it is not compatible – it will start then lock, the only way out is to kill the process.

    Any plans for a compatible update?

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  • Gabriel

    Is it compatible with Vista or what? Everytime I try to install it, install4j nearly completes the wizard preparation process and then gets stuck and doesn’t do anything. I’m running Vista Home Pro with all the updates

  • Tony Hill

    It was great for a month but now I cannot search. It says my internet is not connected. But it still is downloading. is there something wrong with the site now?

  • Stortelpin

    Привет, где вы скачиваете фильмы? На торнете мне не удается скачать, слишком маленькая скорость отдачи. Вот хочу найти сайт нормальный, где можно фильмы качать. Сейчас использую скачать фильмы
    Но слишком мало там выкладывают хорошего видео, в основном, новинки кинематографа, а мне и старые фильмы хочется скачивать, поделитесь, где кто чего находит?

  • NK

    Cant search or download anymore. Please help

  • Sparko

    If i ugrade will it delete my incomplete downloads ?

  • jonathan

    DISASTER it would block my whole imac wich had NEVER have probles with any vuze application… or almost any app…
    i just got an older version and its working pretty much as usual even i lost some preferences…

    pretty mad…

  • Peter

    Worst update ever!!! Please give me my search interface back! Where are the handy colored rankings?! I really hate the new search interface. I need to get the last version back. After so many years of doing it right you destroyed the program, now I’m starting to search for a different torrent app.