Quick Update to Vuze 4.0

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As mentioned last week, we’ve been amazed by both the quantity and quality of your feedback on Vuze 4.0. Today we’re releasing some quick updates that address your top requests, including:

1)    Advanced View: Some of you have had trouble finding your familiar, beloved advanced view of your torrents.  The advanced view will always be a part of Vuze, and we’ve worked to increase its visibility and discoverability in this release.

2)    Search: The magnifying glass on the search box is now clickable, giving you another way to initiate a search.

3)    Deleting items from My Library: When you delete an item from your library, the default option is now simply to remove that item from your library (and leave it on your hard drive).  In addition, you still have the option to delete the item from your computer, but deleting from your computer will no longer be the default.

4)    Sidebar: Many of you have asked for more horizontal screen real estate to view your downloading torrents.  You can now minimize the Sidebar from the View menu (or simply by pressing the F7 button on your keyboard).

And finally, the frog has continued to enjoy her make-over, despite impassioned pleas on behalf of her former spotted self.  Our favorite plea came in last night:

Acting on behalf of your previous amphibious employee I suggest you purge this pale impostor from all future releases. My client’s dismissal purely on racial grounds has been brought to the attention of the NAAAA (National Association for the Advancement of Azure Amphibians) and failure to reinstate my client, without prejudice, will result in an immediate suit being filed against you and all your offspring. Ribbit!!

To say the least, she’s quite flattered that so many people care, but ultimately has vowed to continue to push the envelope in the tradition of all the avant-garde amphibians that preceded her. ☺

If you’ve already downloaded Vuze 4.0, you’ll receive the update automatically over the next few days.   If you haven’t downloaded it, get it here.


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Guest Contributor

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  • Khasim

    Thanks for the info but I’m still having trouble with the advanced view.. Not able to see the full application even when it is maximized…

  • AF


    When will it be made avaliable through the update mechanism?

    On OS X, will it update the .plist file to tell the Finder’s about file box the new version number?


  • Will

    am amazed with this newversion but i need some tutorial about get files withthe rss how to get it and add it is just that by now and well keep going is the best ever.

  • Chris

    @AF – Once you’ve been updated, you’ll see “V4.0.0.2″ in the bottom right corner of “About Vuze” (in your Vuze menu). To get the update immediately, simply go to http://www.vuze.com and click the “Download Vuze” button.

  • Raya

    The icons been scaled too hasn’t it? Was silly big on the dock and now it’s just big :-)

  • jonnie-rocket

    hi, i think vuze 4.0 is awesome. i recently had to switch from utorrent because i got a mac but im not regretting it! lol the only thing i would request is that to have a pre download prompt that lets you check off what files you do and dont want to download before it ever starts. If your downloading a folder and it contains many files it s hard to go through them one by one and tell it not to download. well just a suggestion for a new update maybe haha thanks and greatt work!

  • Chris

    @Raya – Correct. Based on your comment last week, we scaled down the size of the icon. Thanks for pointing out the issue.

  • Dylan51


    I installed 4 and my Norton Internet Security went crazy – it wanted me to approve every request for a torrent. Each time info went out — all I was doing was seeding — the alarm bells went off. About the rate of every two seconds. I had to uninstall and am about to reinstall 3.1. I searched the Forums and didn’t find anything. Am I the only one who had a problem?

    All the prior versions have been great and I’m looking forward to doing this one.



  • John Fernandes

    @Khasim–unfortunately, 1024×768 is the smallest screen size for which we develop. If your screen is smaller than than you might not be able to see the full application.

  • Josep

    Vuze 4.0 is awesome. is exactly the interface and features i was looking for. great work!

  • Dennis

    nice one

  • Khasim

    @John Fernandes – Thanks a lot buddy… Changed the resolution to 1024 x 768 and am now able to view the entire app :)

  • Matt

    Hey, I like the new features a lot .. and I really like the improved performance I’m seeing .. but I really don’t like the new theme: it feels too .. well .. cold. Can you give a way to get the old, more inviting theme back?

  • dogtato

    dear god thanks for changing the delete thing. deleting the file was, frankly, retarded as hell since the same button previously just removed it. took me a while to figure out wtf happened to my files at first.

  • Ivory Princess

    Wow, some people are SO ungrateful not to mention downright rude! THANK YOU Vuze for providing us with all the films, programmes and music we desire – FREE OF CHARGE – and for working so hard to please as many customers as possible by listening to our feedback, despite its often aggressive and incoherent nature.

    New to Vuze so can’t comment on the validity of criticisms aimed at upgrade but very pleased so far. Keep up the good work.

    PS. You can sign me up for that PR position… Just kidding ;)

  • Tony

    How about enabling CTRL+V for paste in the find area? Whenever i use this key combo i get a # instead of the thing in clipboard…

  • John

    I’ve got three things I hate about the new interface: First, they took away the tabs for each window, replacing them with entries in the side bar. Since I initially had CLOSED said sidebar (I don’t like sidebars mucking up my view), when I had gotten into the torrent details, I couldn’t figure out for a while how to get back to the main view. Second: Double clicking. It used to take me to torrent details, now it takes me to the directory. If I wanted to go to the directory, I’d have right-clicked! Third: Double clicking single file torrents, specifically movies, opens them in Vuze’s media player. I’m sorry, I’ve got my OWN prefered media player. I use Vuze for torrents, not for iTunes.

  • firebird1

    vuze4 NUL!!!!!vuze4 s’auto installe et bug a gogo . et impossible de refaire fonctionner la version 3. vuze4 interface mediocre, pourquoi quand une version ( 3 ) fonctionne parfaitement, faut il mettre une version de moins bonne qualité et moins belle ? et l’installer sans l’autorisation de l’administrateur du pc?VUZE4 je désinstalle avec un desinstalleur, car il vous laisse des fichiers partout dans le pc adieu vuze

  • Zaynob


    Voila depuis que j’ai installé la version 4. Je ne vois plus mes torrents qui sont entrain de téléchargé. Je commence a avoir marre.


  • Mariston

    damnn you are all good!! this new version is awesome! keep doing this good job…i simply loved the “search” who takes torrents from mininova and other websites =) now i can find everything in vuze =) many thanks…you are going to be big..yehh just dont lose the focus…it stills a great client torrent!

  • mj

    I’m having a difficult time reading the progress bar among other things. Are there any options to increase the font size?

  • HairyMan

    Not bad… Not bad.

  • Redden73

    How in the hell do I roll it back to the previous Version or reinstall the 3.0.Cause I don’t like this one, I like the old one better. Even though this one is great in all, I still like the old one.

  • EdtFix

    Well, since the 4.0 update, it blocks out my seeding
    I keep re-installing the 3.110 release to fix it.
    Vuze keeps re-installing 4.0.

    How can I fix this?
    Vuze 4.0 has a seeding issue with my main site I use.
    Stops it from working 4X’s now, I removed it and it keeps coming back automatically.
    I do not want the 4.0 update to be installed…


  • biloute

    don’t want this update!!

  • vincent j masci

    madagascar did not download properly and did not play back

  • ayad

    the downloding is very slow what i have to do?

  • brian

    I’ve been using Vuze for a year+ now and since the new update i cant start any new torrents downloading. all my seeds (700+) are fine and the files i had already started downloading are fine and few have finished. i just cant start a new torrent downloading.

    i have found similar problems elsewhere… except that i don’t get any errors. i used to be able to double-click the torrent to start, no dice; i’ve tried “open”, nothing, i also used to be able to drad/drop, no go.

  • Wargasm

    Thanks a ton guys, great job.

  • passager007

    think’s it’ sow beautiful

  • Tim

    How do I transfer video files from my Vuze library to my Itunes. It wont let me do it the way im trying. Please help!!!

  • Sarah

    Hi –

    I’m downloading a file with many files. In the past, once I was in advanced view I would just double click on the main file, and I would then see the progress of all the files contained within. Now double clicking does nothing. How do I get to this screen now?

  • Dr Rastahouse

    ouep man ! do you want speak french please???
    et bah oui la france et les francophones aimerait bien comprendre ce qui ce passe , moi j’aimerais faire du partage 100% frenchie et avoir des amis !!!!et ils appreciront surement mon :”du … en veut tu?,en voila!”
    et puis merry christmas !

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=779618254&ref=profile Chris Davis


    Great work.

    Thank you all!!!

  • ajwiesel

    Hi there is also a German side and, consequently, a German blog

  • coocooforcocoapuffs

    been using this since azureus began – vuze 4+ rocks! great job and thx.

  • Pam

    I can’t burn the movies to disc is this at all possible? When my husband tried he only got audio not video.
    Could someone please tell me how if it is possible.

  • Tony

    Version 4.2 has a bug with Vista and does not initialize completely, it hangs.

  • Tony

    Version 4.2 has a bug with Vista and does not initialize completely, it hangs.
    I have reinstalled it several times and no improvement. Now I regret having updated.

  • Breanahonea


  • Linford

    I can download and hear the movies I download, but can’t see a thing, just a black screen. Can anyone help?