Introducing Vuze To Go

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Find, Download, Play from any portable drive

We’ve spent a lot of time lately thinking about portability of your content. Across our efforts to deliver your videos wherever, whenever you want them, we’ve been focusing on devices that you already care about and own – notably iPhone, iPod , Xbox 360, and PS3 to date.

In addition, there’s another device that most of you own. Based on a recent survey, 72% of you (Vuze users) own a portable hard drive to carry around your media files. Combine this with the fact that you use an average of 2.9 computers on a weekly basis, and we decided to focus some attention on making it easier for you to take your media with you.

Let’s face it, you don’t always have the ability (or desire) to install Vuze on the multiple computers you use at work, in school, or at a friend’s place. With this in mind, we set out to make it possible for you to run Vuze from the same portable drive where you store your media files, anywhere you go.

To do this, Vuze teamed with a company called Ceedo to create a simple, elegant app we’re calling Vuze To Go – a completely portable, self-contained version of Vuze.

Vuze To Go installs on any portable disk drive, like a USB hard drive or a flash thumb drive, rather than on your computer’s hard drive, and enables access to the full functionality of Vuze – anytime and anywhere. Just plug your portable drive (complete with Vuze To Go) into any PC and you’re ready to go. Vuze will run seamlessly from the portable drive, and all of your downloads can also go directly to that drive. And, like Vuze on your main computer, you’ll be able to play all the content in your Vuze Library even when you’re offline.

For you techies, Vuze to Go contains a virtual operating system, plus your familiar Vuze application.

While the core version of Vuze remains free (and always will), we’re offering a PC version of “Vuze to Go” for only $9.99. Try it out free for 2 weeks, and let us know what you think.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts.


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Guest Contributor

  • rajiv mathura

    just too good this site

  • Thomas T.

    i wud most def pay for an iphone version…get it on cydia…now!!!

  • Fudge

    good…except 4 the payin bit.

    Y? if i have 2 pay, i will use vuze on 1 comp instead.

    Keep up the good work, but cut the fee

  • Mohamed

    Does it work on Apple TV?

  • Magnus Alphonce

    The concept is absolutely brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! There is future in this. But it should be platform independent. I use two PCs and one Mac every week (I use the PCs because I’m forced to by others, I’d prefer to only use Mac, but anyway…) Planning to install Linux on one of the PCs… Any chance you’ll make this work on any platform?
    I’m not too concerned about the fee, if this thing really works…

  • Breezy

    It’s too bad that it doesn’t work with Vista 64-bit!

  • bigfatbball2


    but you really need to get it totally os independent
    as i feel this could be great but if i can use it on 2000, vista, windows 7, os x, linux and on my foneras

    In such a case i would be ready to pay a fee

    really great innovative ideas
    go go go vuze is awesome!!!!!!

  • Jackson

    It’s a sad state of affairs when people bemoan paying a measly $10 for something that can offer so much. We are predominantly becoming a society of cheapskates and freeloaders, and if the trend continues we’re all going to lose out…

  • Ben

    awsome as iv’e been looking for a good converter so i could watch everything on my 360 …..why don’t they just make everything an avi file or something easier ,i might pay but need good videos to dnload like movies or dvds

  • bloated user

    The concept in itself is interesting but I’d rather pay for a Vuze Lite version for the Mac that would just allow me to download and chose individual files within the torrent. Azureus was good and blazing fast but, alas, somewhere along the line, became the mother of all the bloatware.

  • Washii

    @bloated user
    You know, we have FORUMS to help you turn that stuff off. In fact, I wrote a nice guide for how to get back to the Azureus 2.5 Classic interface.

  • WolvenSpectre

    Its own OS? talk about a waste. I for one am not going to put an OS on my removeable drive just for one app. I am not going to boot to one app every time I want to torrent. I download so much diffrent content that Vuze is always running in the background, so I am going to have to quit doing everything else to use a proprietary OS to Torrent? I don’t think so.

    I also prefer to use much more fuller function, tweakable apps like Vuze, so that means Vuze doesn’t meet my multimedia playback needs. This means that to play a media file I would have to quit and reboot, not to mention stop torrenting, just to listen/watch the file… yeah, I don’t think so.

    I also agree with the people that ask that you offer an uptodate version of Azureus with the latest plugins not Vuze specific. I know you can just go and use the Azureus interface and that the Vuze services don’t use any resources actively, but if you aren’t ever planning on using those services on say a tracker only client on a dedicated old machine, that is just a waste of space to install them in the first place.

    I have seen it make people change clients for that reason.

    If you want to make a portable app, just make a portable app. There are plenty of well known PA repositories that would be glad to help you out there.

  • Zhalfirin

    You dont boot from the removable drive to run the OS thats part of Vuze To Go, the OS will run alongside the main one. It’s the same as when you run U3 on a flashdrive.

  • Major Downfalls

    price=not so much
    platform dependancy=not at all

    Although portability is an excellent feature, its benefits are far outweighed by Vuze to Go’s downfalls, chiefly: platform dependency. I work ALL mac ALL the time, and although I have Windows XP Professional on my MacBook Pro, I don’t have Vuze installed on it. I reserve torrenting for the mac side of operations simply because that’s where I spend most of my time. If this were universal, it would be a half hair short of Godly. Being able to download and use files on any operating system, anywhere would be a MAJOR help. People here complain about the space this would use on their portable device and the price of the application, but I, for one, think this is a minor inconvenience. I would have no problem going out and buying a substantially sized (8-16 gigabyte) device SOLELY for the purpose of using this software to store software and other principal downloads from Vuze, and gladly pay the ten dollars for the app for all the money it would save me on “certain things” that I need, but can’t afford, or only need once and don’t find worth the (often exorbitant) fees for their one-time necessity.

  • Anonymous

    now… when you say “certain things”… do you mean software? Because the way you worded it sounds like you meant “adult videos”

  • DavidS

    “good…except 4 the payin bit”
    Do people expect that the software developers are going to keep coming up with the goodies for no charge. If you can’t afford $9.99 to download free content then I would suggest you need to rethink what life is all about.

  • Michael D Dummy

    It would be Great for those of us who aren’t as media savvy as some, to have all the decoding software available on the Vuze site, like all Codex and Updates, Audio types, Divx and Xvid code and such as well as explaining what they are and how they work. I often download files on Vuze and then (10dys18hrs45min later) I can’t figure out how to play them or can’t get audio to work or can’t get them to be recognized my the PS3. To some this is so simple but for others like myself I end up wasting a lot of time trying to make things work unsuccessfully. Even a tutorial on media manipulation would be a great thing to offer. Could get money from sponsors who make media conversion software etc. Just and an idea.

  • Dr. Wish – Imagine then do

    I partially agree with Washii. If you wanna add more feature then here’s a couple…

    1)Remote Torrent start – allow me to use my windows mobile phone to start downloads on my home pc while I am away from home
    2)Remote Viewer – If you can allow me to watch movies over the internet (on another PC or smartphone) from my media at my home pc, you would be GODS!

  • stef

    quelqu’un peut m’expliquer comment utilser vuze?parce que la je rame:/

  • Keith

    so is there anything out there that lets me watch all my video’s (irrelevant of file type)on a TV, I have searched and payed for many utility to convert all my files (video)to watch on TV, but as of today, there is nothing that does it all, can anyone help, or at least point me in the right direction, all the best from Keith (

    PS: I’m having trouble with MKV files mainly.

  • Varun Madiath

    I think that the portable app too should be free (and by that I refer to both the cost and the code). I mean there are so many popular apps that have portable versions (Firefox, gimp and open office to name a few).

    So how about you scrap the cost, and release the source code. That way perhaps in true open source spirit someone with the requisite skills will be able to create versions for other platforms.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but Vuze (which was formerly known as azure us) started out as a free software project. So how come it is now moving away from the Free Software path?

  • Victor

    You should make a version that can be installed on a NAS. That would be great!

  • Daniel

    2 things, why not working with XBMC (Xbox Media Center and no relation at all with Xbox 360) and make Vuze as an applet for XBMC (btw, XBMC can play any format of video, audio and pictures from any local or remote source hosted by any OS including Linux, Windows and Mac).
    And why not consider in terms of portability to be available on NAS like ReadyNAS+

    Look the example of Twonky Media server… if we can add Vuze on these systems, transportability become futile and portability will be awsone and platforme independant.

  • wrath1001

    dude…were not in a world of frig’n cheapskates, ever heard of the recession? well, most of us are in it right now and its particularly hard to waste 10$ on a program like this when it could go towards food. Don’t be a rich asshole and dis people for not having money to waste on a program like this, besides, anything online is free if you know how to do it. Personally I would just rather download on my home computer, but overall it sounds like a good program. Gotta love Vuze for everything, without them i wouldn’t have free things :)

  • Keith Hemmengs

    I want to buy this, I really do, but does not work on Vista x64. Ideally I would love for it to work on any operating system

    I also agree that support within XBMC for vuze would be great! I use XBMC on both my Xboxes (original, not 360) as well as on my Media Center/Server PC

  • Trevor

    Why does it take so long to download apps. I’m a newbie and have’nt got a clue about port forwarding. Pleeeese HELP!

  • OpenSource

    Sounds very cool and stuff but to bad they ask money for it now :S

  • KeHoeff

    hey this is a very interesting article!

  • sammy1

    does it work on psp

  • John Bramhill

    now that i have downloaded a movie and now in my vuze library, how do i send to my ps3 to watch movie on tv, many thanks kingsmaite

  • Patrick

    Does it work on a HTC Diamond?

  • GrammyPuter

    Call me when it works for my Mac.

  • Mrgrey

    For those lookin for ways to watch their videos from their comp on their tv:
    something you’ll need is a ps3 or xbox 360, but you can easily transcode video files from your comp to your system to watch with a program called tversity. I’ve tried it, and it works great with many different file types, including mkv.

  • rasoul

    where is the Mac version?

  • elove

    Vuze read my mind and it totally sucked me in even farther.

  • Bone Daddy

    i pay the 10 dollars if it work on 64bit versions of windows or 64bit version of mac osx when it comes out. you all know there working on it dont kind your selfs

  • Anarchist Quaker

    It’s amazing to me how many people want to complain about having to pay to get a premium feature to their free software. Thank you for Vuze. It’s fantastic. I’m very interested and willing to pay for the “To Go” feature, as I migrate between my home PC and my notebook for travelling. However, both are 64-bit and not compatible with the current release.

  • WombatMan

    Vuze-to-Go was great up until I got a new Mac; now I can’t use it anymore.

    Also, if Vuze would have an add-on that administered Port Forwarding, that sure would help me to speed up my downloads and get better use from Vuze.