1 Million Vuze Device Users, and Counting

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In March, we updated Vuze to include the ability for you to watch your videos on any screen – PC, mobile, or TV.We launched our Device feature in beta to quickly iterate and evolve the features based on your feedback.

A few short months later, the numbers speak for themselves.You’ve made it clear, once again, that the ability to watch videos on any screen is important to you:

  • As of today, more than 1 million of you have turned on device support
  • Over 14.5 million videos have been transferred to watch on iPhone, iPod, Xbox 360 or PS3
  • On average, each of you with active devices has transferred over 14 videos to your devices.

Some companies tout reaching the millionth user as a big milestone.Around here, we’re proud to be thinking bigger with you in surpassing 1 million users of a single (though *infinitely* cool) feature within Vuze.  But don’t take our word for it.  Take theirs…  IGN, Engadget, Joystiq, VideoNuze, one happy user, and another happy user.

Looking forward to announcing the 10 millionth device user.

If you haven’t already tried it, check it out now.

Stay tuned for an update on additional devices and features coming soon…


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Guest Contributor

  • OddyOh

    That number will triple once you add Mac support. Pretty please!

  • Mary Plopp

    I love the devices section of Vuze but one minor request – would it be possible to categorise files into folders so they are easier to browse on the PS3?

  • Alon Rohter

    OddyOh: Mac OSX is already supported, and has been since the very beginning !

  • Jonathan Hunt

    Yes, OSX is supported, but PowerPC processors still aren’t unfortunately. The numbers would surely go up if this was patched. I would definitely appreciate it. Any progress with this so far?

    It surely seems like an awesome service. This combined with streaming Netflix is an awesome combo.

  • Jonathan Hunt

    OSX is supported, but PowerPC processors still aren’t. Is there any progress in patching this feature? I would much appreciate it. The combo of Devices and Netflix streaming is quite cool. Thanks!

  • huggz

    i like that you can put your existing video library in the devices folder. glad i dont have media center