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Since launching Vuze 4.3, we’ve been working to further improve search.  You’ve consistently asked for better search results, and the ability to add more sites to the Vuze meta-search experience.

The design challenge was to gain the benefit of more comprehensive results from multiple sites, without cluttering the experience with duplicate results.  The solution we’re releasing today groups identical content into one row, showing the best result by default.  You can click the “+4 More” link to instantly expand and see the same result from multiple sites.

With this new approach, the Vuze meta-search engine can more effectively scale to search multiple sites, thereby creating a more comprehensive starting point for the torrent world.

We’re excited about this feature and want to release it as quickly as possible.  To accomplish this, we’re giving access to a limited group of users to help us test it and contribute feedback.

To get started:

  1. Try a few searches
  2. Click “Send Feedback” in the bottom of the Vuze client to give us your thoughts and point out any problems.


We look forward to hearing your thoughts!


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  • Dennis

    Have been using Vuze/Azerus for quite awhile. Download newest version but it will not install on my 2.66GHz iMac running 10.6.2.

    Dialogue box sez: /Appliations/.install4j/inst_jre.cfg Could not create this file. Shall I try again?

    Have downloaded several copies and all result in the same problem. And the solution is?

  • and-douc

    I have windows vista cai I download the beta?

  • malissa

    hey guys i have been using azerus and then vuze for a while now i also recntly just updated to 4.3 and i like it i works better than it used to and the search option prevents me from going online and hunting around all time lol thanks guys great job

  • ferreol

    ouai c bon

  • Romeo Alcantara

    Thanks guys for the new Vuze and Azureus downloads! Now i have a better alternative and faster way of viewing and downloading videos. Keep it up!

  • TerryC

    I like and use Vuze but one aspect of uTorrent that Vuze appears to lack is the ability to select one or two items on a list of episodes. Eg I might want to get a torrent offering all the episodes of Bones Season 2 but only select #3, 5 and 17 because I already have the rest.
    Of course I realise that it may be that I lack the technical know-how to do that in Vuze but it does appear to me the Vuze offers a choice of single episodes or the whole 7GB series. Nothing in between. I am also limited by very narrow bandwith here in Botswana.

  • De Leon

    Just downloaded the beta can’t wait to try it
    i have benn on vuze for a while and love and now with the new search beta it will be that much better

  • Caesar

    Works great. I have no complaints just praises. Thanks to all the folks making things happen.

  • Damien

    Vuze/Azerus have been using both now for quite some time and think it is excellent keep up the good work will leave future feedback if i find any problems.
    Regard Damien From Downunder

  • Clay

    Just downloading Beta version now. Will check it out and get back to you. Have been continually impressed with improvements that you have made, so hopefully this one will do likewise.

  • immicool

    why u guy’s remove all videos previous service much much better but this this time horrible how can i login and my frnds my uploded videos also gone why….

  • sneek

    terry c right ckick your torrentshow details open the files use shift/ctrl left click to select episodes right click set download priority.

  • gary j orpington kent

    works great 10/10

  • Keezie

    I think for me is Vuze one of the best programs to get music and movies etc.etc.
    My best regards from Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

  • erickson joseph

    this version is way better than the first one guys. alot more access to info an stuff. good job guys!!

  • joseluis

    estais,haciendo mui,buen trabajo.sois los mejores del mundo.torrent.saludos de un admirador.

  • Bmw

    Just the ticket, what with major site going down.
    This ia now and will be the best way to get what you need
    Keep up the good work

  • Mohammad Thani Al-Thani

    F**k, it’s really damn cool, much better than ever

  • spikeyboy

    Why does it have a problem making Azureus2.jar?

  • take larbi

    you are the best “vuze” thnks
    larbi bye
    i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • paul nightingale

    best website i have ever had a********

  • Guchte

    No difference for me…

  • TheYetiMaster

    Searching is better now, with more sites to pull from. Ability to add sites is also a welcome upgrade. Cograts on the great work! Keep it up!


  • peter houghton

    since i found your site i have had the best downloads ever many thanks and keep up the good work

  • Thade

    I like how there are more search results in the new version. Vuze FOREVER!!

  • jay

    wats d differece with this limited beta edition(7.88mb) and the updated vuze 4.3 version (8.06mb)?????

  • D. Armstrong

    what happened to the music torrents? I upgraded but I lost my music catagory now it’s just music videos.

  • susy

    I like that they are more search results but, a lot of the results dont work, doesn’t let me download them. I click on it and nothing happens. Also, it doesn’t open to be able to read comments, details, etc. I hope you get to fix this because I have been having to search for the torrent files at the website.

  • magdy

    It is very good for searching about any thing >>>>
    all Thank to YOU

  • bernardo

    thank you, so far i dont have problem

  • Roger Carter

    Your new Better Search Vuze 4.3 does not appear to be compatible with Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009. My paid subscription for Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009 is valid until next March. Do you have a version of Vuze 4.3 (free of course) that is compatible with Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009?

  • vikaar

    Love the new vuze .As new sites been added in search option and you can narrow your search to games , videos and whatever you want. Love the new Vuze.

  • David White-Levi

    Tried downloading new Vuze Beta. “Error in opening designated folder. (Wouldn’t open).

  • Marcelo Coelho

    still learning, but the feeling so far is a great one, thanks!

  • Ketan J

    Vuze has been FANTASTIC for all kinds of movie, music, ebooks etc. downloads… Many thanks to the developers of this wonderful torrent client from Pune, India.

  • BamBam

    Vuze is amazing! great concept of controlling the entire home theatre system. I never need to rent movies. Simply download and convert to PS3 and done. With a wireless network connection i can watch any movie HD!!! This is by far one of the best P2P (torrentz) program i have come across!

  • andrea

    blocato da firewall o nat (tcp) come faccio a sbloccarlo,raporto di coni visione pesimo come risolvo i problemi

  • marlon

    good work

  • matto74

    complimenti,,,,,,,,,,,a me funziona che e una meraviglia bravi


    super bonne évolution, ya pas photo.

  • RexRed

    Better search for what? Still no user content, user pages networking or friends… I could search mininova anyway? Someone needs to be fired at Vuze.

  • Ramon

    I cat say anything else but Thank you for this innovation. Searching is a lot easier now. Keep it up guys! Thanks!

  • Luz Irie

    ¡¡¡¡ de verdad q la pagina es excelente!!!

  • Luz Irie

    y las descargas son muyyy rapidas! de verdad yo siempre lo recomiendo

  • keith

    was the tv on here

  • antonio rivera

    just got it and i like it. We write more when i see more. thanks vuze

  • shay


  • juan munoz

    no le entiendo a tu vuze para bajar videos pague mucho para que no sirva nesecito un programa para videos facil gracias

  • yeyboe

    why did you guy take off the friend now me an my friend cant send movies to each other can you fix that thanx

  • yeyboe

    can you put back on the friend that was a good thing you had on this site so we can send movies to each other? thanx

  • Emmanuel

    I am not a Computer Wiz but I can go around so I am very pleased with vuze and with what I can reach. Thanks guys. I will learn more as I go. Thnks again

  • nikki

    i have the same problem here..

    i already downloaded the NEWEST VERSION VUZE 4.3 but it will not install on my imac 2.66GHz version 10.5.8

    everytime i open VUZE, it would tell me that i’m using the old version.
    i tried installing it over and over again but it won’t install.

    why is that???


    this new vuze sure is a magical way to search for new movies am craving to watch.tank you for the better is very helpfull

  • joseph torrazao

    I had my user name on top of the page this is gone can I have it back

  • Nicky Reiss

    Hi guys,
    I appreciate your work. However – I used to download BBC documentaries and also audio books. These were easy to find by just typing “BBC” or “audio book” into the search section. Now when I type in those words – nothing. Nothing at all. Not a single BBC documentary, not a single audio book.
    I’ve not used Vuze in a couple of weeks because of this.
    Hope you can fix it.

  • Buck

    tried installing beta,came up with not valid win32 application

  • Manuel cruz

    Me gusta mucho mas que el metodo antiguo es fenomenal.aveis acertado chicos . ENORABUENA!!!!!!!!!!!. Gracias sois los mejores!!!!!!!!!.

  • moustapha seck

    je suis tres satisfait de ce moyen de telechargement tres rapide de vuze. je vous soutiens et vous encourage

  • ciuccioo

    lo provo e vi faccio sapere

  • doc adrian

    thanks for the update and beta will try and keep you posted.
    appreciate the updates

  • Seaumas

    Now that I have it I want to share some of what I have in my own home library. How do I do this?

  • tracey

    i’m tring to find young guns the weastren and it’s not here

  • nuno cesario

    muinto bom obrigado sem palavras

  • fractal

    You had the ability to sort by number of seeds or number of peers before which was very helpful, but that annoyingly got removed lately… I really would like you to put that back… I want to be able to customize all fields, sort by any field, etc. the “rank” field truly isn’t very good. if it worked better, i’d like it.

  • Sinne

    Works great here too!

  • Larry Woodhouse

    am I the only one NOT having a good time, choices are ok , downloads take forever & the whole thing keeps crashing, Whats up with that

  • Edmund

    I’m getting 502 and 505 Bad Gatway message

  • tony corrall

    get error message bad gateway can anyone advise thanks

  • Dhy

    This last update is not working. I’m getting the 502 Bad Gateway error, and nothing works! Have a Mac, and have never had issues with Vuze before. How do I get to the last version, and run off that?

  • debby drebit

    tried to download the new beta and now every movie I request comes back with BAD gateway. what to do? I tried deleting program and reinstalling and still getting this message??

  • artan

    vuze …… the best

  • josemucho

    sois los mejores llevo una taca de tiempo
    Descargando cultura y alegria
    barbaro feten lindo

  • Jessica

    what is “bad gateway” 502? ever since I downloaded this new thing vuze won’t search for anything. does anyone know how to fix this?

  • kj

    502 Bad gateway? what does that mean?

  • el_amigo

    Que es “bad gateway” 502? tengo este mensaje de error y no puedo ver la pagina

  • chad

    this worked perfect yesterday now it does not work at all for no reason????

  • Tammy Carr

    Works Great!

  • Chris

    If you’re getting the “502 Bad Gateway” error on, try downloading from:

    We’re working on getting both search and live again as we speak. Stay tuned.

  • saiboxvuzeline

    vuze now not ok… many faced problem like bad gateway… slow responsed when u search!!! the only good now is faster download.

  • fractal


    it doesn’t work at all… i get a blank white screen instead of any search results.

  • saiboxvuzeline

    502 bad gateway still problem even u download from

  • saiboxvuzeline

    vuze community help us!!!! what happen to vuse?????

  • ryan

    why do i keep getting “bad gateway”

  • wrawa

    I’d like to donate but will not do so on-line. Is there a physical address to use?

  • RexRed

    I just got done deleting the 40 some odd vuze previews for my videos from my online diary. They were links to vuze and potentially new viewers to vuze. Since they are dead links thanks to the, new lighter more is better vuze, what good are they?

  • onorbit

    aaaaaahahhhhhhhhhaahhh!!!!!!!!!! help. please.

  • Nona

    I uploaded this but now when I try to search I just get a blank screen in the results section that says “502 Bad Gateway” and then underneath that “nginx.” When I hit send feedback a blank window pops up and that’s it. Did I just download a virus? I can’t even find it in my programs folder to uninstall. Does this mean I have to now uninstall the entire Vuze program because I downloaded this new recommendation which now makes it so that nothing comes up in search results and may have given my computer a virus?

  • Chris and search are up and running again. You should no longer see 502 errors.



  • Brian

    I downloaded it and I tried to install it but I got a warning saying “The installation file is corrupted. If it is a download please try it again.” I tried to download it 3 times and I get the massage everytime. What can I do?

  • RexRed

    Time to boycott Vuze…

  • Monty “Peace Please” Schadenfreude

    Viva VUZE…Boy are we havin a good time over here with
    Your tool flexible, nice to look at (Blue Frog!!) and
    no charge actually For Free.

    And BIG Hello to the giant corporations selling out in entertainment – don’t cry so much, please somehow try to get a grip!
    Just try 2 relax NOBODY wants to go Pirate on those “Nickelback” and”Lady Gaga” copyrights you own all over the place.

    And U2 will sell Billions of Gold edition
    Live – Aid double CD’s for many exciting years to come.
    Promote them on TV and never stop counting the Dollars – Promise from SWIM, but no more crying OK “guys”?

  • candrewb

    really enjoy VUZING!! thanks for the ability to watch good movies.

  • Francis Carista

    Please with draw my subscription I am highly disappointed. I also have read alot of other comment and I have been in the military 24 yrs and I don’t need to get scammed by anyone. Thank you for with drawing it

  • Francis Carista

    Unless I can down load movies that I want then I don’t need it. You wouldn’t by a car if it don’t run. wow it looks great but it don’t move, so why would I stay subscribed to you and not be able to down load movie. I keep getting directed all over the place to download and register for other things. Either you help or you can let me go and don’t even think I would let my soldiers use your site. I also need to notify my sister units at all the other bases.

  • Jahaan Bakodah

    Its very good torrent software i really appreciated thanks alot

  • albert

    definitely faster,thanks!

  • coolguy

    It would be better if it has time scheduler which uTorrent has

  • ergün

    eski sürümü daha iyiydi negerekvardı degiştirdiniz hicdegilse sececegimiz klipleri görüyorduk hiç mennun degilim kaldırdım ama cokta üzüldüm


    mac user : FANTASTIC

  • Ileana

    Hi Guys!

    I downloaded Vuze 4.3 and it works great.
    More sites are definitely a big help.
    Keep up the good work…

    Thanks :D

  • Jase

    You guy’s are the best Vuze !
    I like to experiment with different Bit Torrenting clients on my Mac from time to time, and thought Transmission was good. But Vuze is innovating and converging all Bit Torrent activities in on app.

    Keep up the good work ;-)

  • alfonso alfofo

    Lo acabo de descargar me falta probarlo ahí le aviso

  • Marcenes

    versão em portugues-br por favor… obrigado

    Portuguese-br version – please… thanks

    Portugalin version please … kiitos

    version en portugais, s’il vous plaît … merci

  • rodney

    will not install on my vista 64 machine.



  • Fred

    I believe your site ie one of the best sites in the world cose am confortable downloading with your site

  • ineke

    keep on the good work

  • mystickqueen

    Cheers Vuze and the ppl behind all the great work u do to give us/the world wide public great downloads :)

  • kenny

    i am new too yhis & tell or help me to down load please!

  • Manish

    The new interface to the download returns lesser results in one page and seems to be slower at first glance. Looks much better than the earlier versions. We should have tabbed download windows so that one can browse search results and download in parallel. Currently one has to click on each link download it and get back to results which is a bit boring.

  • jimregal

    This is really a cool place to be with.Thanks for the effort of Vuze/Azureus team. You ask for something else and vuze will give you more than you expect. Thanks a lot guys.

  • emjaydoubleu

    just a new chum on Azurues/Azure but finding it Awesome!! at the MO cheers and beers everyone and thanks for a site going well. Fantastic job

  • Y.K

    this is the best website i ever downloaded

  • Princilla

    I love using vuze, but it does not always give the videos or songs that I want.

  • lincon

    ae ta de boa esse vuse aqui em legal

  • beckie

    how come u dont have that meny songs that are mp3’s and small b ???

  • matthew brown

    wow yeah no, my download I was half way through is now at infinite. thank you.

  • pradeep

    azureus now called vuze is really a nice forum to upload and download the torrents

  • Carla

    I didn’t notice any difference in the search at all. The download seemed to be a waste of time. But I do love the site and enjoy using it. I recommend it to all my friends.

  • Huto


    I cannot see anything,when I click on shows result in:only all catagories and there under is everything blanc ,no catagories that you can see.

  • juan

    why did you change?
    I don`t like it at all


    vammos joder

  • peter

    trying to get eastenders what happened

  • mdu

    i aml trying to download the beta file but when installing it keeps telling me that the installation file is corrupt!!
    repeated downloads could not help.

  • Rick

    I am new to this file sharing stuff and ran across this while searching for a movie to download from somewhere..anywhere! So I installed Vuze and have managed to download some video files, ,movies, shows and have been trying to understand this whole torrents stuff, reading for hours on the help menu/site..Great stuff , but BOY Does My HeadHurt!!

  • Phlower

    I love the new update but I miss being able to float my cursor over the icon in the tray and being told how many are d/l’ing or seeding, now I have to stop what I’m doing and open it up to find out what’s agoin’ on. Other than that I love it!! Thanks!

  • Millennium Travel

    I like program Vuze (from Laos)

  • Bethany Derby

    Why the download of a movie takes so long! Sometimes it´s takes 33 hour or even 3 years. Can you do something about this!

  • Anonymous Coward

    To those having issues with the recent Beta and wanting to go back to a previous version, you can download all of the previous versions at either or

    For instance, for Mac OS, go to, do a search for “Vuze” (without the quotes, of course) and the first result should be for “Azureus / Vuze”. Click on that and it should pop up a large green “Downoad Now!” button. Don’t click this. Click the smaller button next to it that says: “View all files >”. This will take you to a screen with many previous versions of the software. Select the appropriate file for your system under the version you want.

  • Azinzele

    I am addicted to Vuze and 4.3 is the bomb. Even with limited knowledge of bit torrents and java, etc. You have made it simple to use and understand. My partner and I canceled cable when TV went digital and we do not miss a thing. I love controlling what I watch, how i watch and when I watch. And access to music and audiobooks is amazing. I just need to learn how to get faster downloads.

  • coo

    so slow!cannot download any thing that with chinese!

  • mannsa

    thaks to you

  • sium

    since i found your site i have had the best downloads ever many thanks

  • Stephane

    tank you guys, keep the good work.
    merry xmas 2 all

  • guls

    thanks for the vuze man..
    its awesome.
    i can download files of any size .
    thats great.thanks!!
    thanks a lot!!

  • R.Santhana krishnan

    when i am trying NAT test it is returning an error that port is closed. How to select a port which is open. i have tried a few ports with the same result

  • Andy

    the new 4.3 has no respond all the time, I need the old verson back. Up dated Java.

  • Lito P

    I’m about to try it in a while. Anyways, with vuze, I was able to download 2 of my hard to find albums and an old film of Peter Sellers. Real cool program. Kudos to you Guys!

  • tony

    i can not get any videos with the new version please go back to old format.


    salut,je cherche la derniere versio de IDM

  • Paul Hubbs

    customer support is terrible. no number to call. bought the faster speed but it is absolutely not fast. you need to back your product better

  • Gerd

    I downloaded many things, but now surprisingly films do not show up, when searching for them. For example I search “dracula” and only one “nosferatu” appears. I search “The Age of Stupidity” and the first 5 sorted by size are:

    Atom Age Vampire
    Report: Votes (0) – Comments (0)10 mo864, MB
    Seeds: 12 | Peers: 0

    Funky Fly – Dragon Age: Origins, The Box, DJ Hero, The Fourth Kind, and Star Wars kites! – The Totally Rad Show
    Report: Votes (0) – Comments (0)1 mo740, MB
    Seeds: 14 | Peers: 0

    So’s Your Aunt Emma
    Report: Votes (0) – Comments (0)3 day638, MB
    Seeds: 19 | Peers: 0

    NASA 360: Sensory Overload
    Report: Votes (0) – Comments (0)40 yr631, MB
    Seeds: 14 | Peers: 0

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Single Player, Dragon Age, DJ Hero – CO-OP
    Report: Votes (0) – Comments (0)1 mo558, MB
    Seeds: 16 | Peers: 0

    Episode 52 – My Mistake
    Report: Votes (0) – Comments (0)

    None of the has the title in its name, and the real movie does not come. I search BIRDS / Die Vögel from Hitchcock, nothing!

    I search “Dinner for two” and appear these first 7 ones and never the short movie:

    The Big Lift
    Hook Line and Sinker
    Half Shot at Sunrise
    Two Weeks to Live
    Lost in the Stratosphere
    Two Gun Man from Harlem
    Aerial Gunner

    And again: none has anything to do with the words Dinner for Two. So, what am I doing wrong, which before I did not? It worked for a longb time, and now doesn’t!

    Thaqnks for any help. Gerd
    Two Wizards, One Teenager and a Fox – Diggnation

  • Erik Address already in use: bind
    at Method)
    at Source)
    at Source)
    at com.aelitis.azureus.core.networkmanager.impl.tcp.VirtualBlockingServerChannelSelector.start(
    at com.aelitis.azureus.core.networkmanager.impl.tcp.IncomingSocketChannelManager.start(
    at com.aelitis.azureus.core.networkmanager.impl.tcp.IncomingSocketChannelManager.(
    at com.aelitis.azureus.core.networkmanager.impl.tcp.TCPNetworkManager.(
    at com.aelitis.azureus.core.networkmanager.impl.tcp.TCPNetworkManager.(
    at com.aelitis.azureus.core.networkmanager.NetworkManager.getMinMssSize(
    at com.aelitis.azureus.core.networkmanager.impl.ByteBucketST.ensureByteBucketMinBurstRate(
    at com.aelitis.azureus.core.networkmanager.impl.ByteBucketST.(
    at com.aelitis.azureus.core.networkmanager.impl.ByteBucketST.(
    at com.aelitis.azureus.core.networkmanager.impl.TransferProcessor.createBucket(
    at com.aelitis.azureus.core.networkmanager.impl.TransferProcessor.(
    at com.aelitis.azureus.core.networkmanager.NetworkManager.(
    at com.aelitis.azureus.core.networkmanager.NetworkManager.(
    at com.aelitis.azureus.core.impl.AzureusCoreImpl.(
    at com.aelitis.azureus.core.impl.AzureusCoreImpl.create(
    at com.aelitis.azureus.core.AzureusCoreFactory.create(
    at org.gudy.azureus2.ui.swt.Main.(
    at org.gudy.azureus2.ui.swt.Main.main(
    at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
    at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Unknown Source)
    at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Unknown Source)
    at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Unknown Source)
    at com.aelitis.azureus.launcher.MainExecutor$
    at Source)

    This shitty massage pops up after i DLed it.. all the time

  • Erik

    whats wrong? <.<

  • gray

    you guys rock !

  • venganaloor venkitaraman

    Please add Bollywood Hindi movies and Kollywood Tamil movies in the subscription alerts. India is one of the biggest film centres and Hindi and Tamil films are making waves. Please include Malayalam movies also to the alerts for adding freshness to movie making and watching.

  • barbara bost

    i already typed a comment i got to go to WORK.

  • kAREEM

    how does it work.

  • ghighi

    thank you great program!!!

  • Juan V tovar C

    Son lo mejor que he tenido, felicidades a todo su equipo. Son maravillosos. Muchas Gracias

  • carles

    pero como puedo jugar a un juego que me he descargado?¿…esque cuando entro al juego me salen un monton de carpetas y no se que hacer… UNA AYUDITA…

  • LOG1K

    On this upgrade, What ever happened to Vuze’s HD Network? There is no more Vuze torrent search, just the other websites. The display has also changed, not showing it how it used to. It is extremely limited.

  • verell

    downloading it right now will let ya know as soon as possile.

  • Kevin Williams

    For years I’ve been using BitLord as my torrent software and going to sites like pirate bay and isohunt for my torrents. Vuse is so awesome it kicks ass over the lame method I’ve been using all these years. Just got my 250 GB PS3 for Christmas and being able to stream movie from CPU directly to my brand new LED Toshi is almost as good as the first time I had sex. Once again Vuse is bleepin AWESOME!!

  • bhumi

    thank you VUZE you all are doing great job.

  • tony hanners

    i am a new user only since dec 25 of this year but i like the easy way of finding movies and stuff. i haven’t stop download since then as i am just going to be watching the movies next. but great work and keep it up, best i have seen for this kind of site

  • DO

    bienvenue sur ce site ; et merci à tous

  • peter.pan

    gracias super guay

  • Malis

    .jar files would not install, any suggestions?

  • novice

    di a seach did not do a good search with vaule i used

  • beast-usa

    4.02 PLEASE!

  • johnny arauo

    you are very good! love it!

  • nawo

    wooowww…..this is awesome….

  • lexi

    this works amazingly well

  • Rich

    a lot faster. thanks.

  • binu

    When ever I want to download movies, some sites are opening and ask me to pay for registering

  • hamdri

    Bon joure atoute les quipes vuze bon courage

  • Dani

    i dont like vuze better is microTorrent

  • Laurie

    Does the new 64 GB Ipod Touch Support Vuse? I cannot seem to get the (music) files transferred onto my IPOD Touch?? But I can hear them on my Apple Laptop? Help!

  • jiorgino

    It’s fabulus .I just work with this

  • PDiddy1

    So far so good, only received one warning from my Provider regarding Warner Bros materials, do not share anything or you will be targeted by WB

  • tztoolman1

    awesome site onlbeen using awhile but found most everthing i need!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shane

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    great job guys


    I’ve been using Vuze for awhile now but, after the upgrade, have been unable to search for things; that is, I search and the results don’t come up properly. What do I do??

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    Vuze Rocks !!

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    My Rig ( iBook G4 , Mac OS X , Version 10.4.11 , Processor 1.33 GHz PowerPC G4 , Memory 512 MB Built-in ) Does not have a Intel in it.will not upgrade to Beta .Any patches,or programs I can use to upgrade? Thanks! hornet22oz

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    sorry i really liked the older program, was a bit faster and more downloads at the same time, better for my old computer 32 .. oh these movies / torrents, that demand you down load some other player to see the film ..not good.
    you guys are doing a really great job and thank you for all the wonderful films

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    When I downloaded a multivideo file(box set of a show) and then transfered it onto my xbox via vuze’s streaming system the title for all the episodes shows up as the name of the box set, I cant see the title of the actual episodes(the actual file names). It is very annoying.

    PS Vuze is amazing, thanks!

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    i like it so far… couse the normal search doesnt work on wndows 7 ultimate 64-bit

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  • rodoo

    working fine right away till date, but i have my own graphic display problem(can i also work on with it to fix that too?). But can’t predict the future, as i’m at the initial stage of using it. the rest i have no complaint. it’s the easiest to and best that i’ve ever seen to use with thanks and hope.


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  • Boofhead

    Searching is faster but I like layout of the old version better. I can’t narrow searching by file type. Need more results than 25 per page. In old version, I could change the results window to icons (like in Vuze HD Network home page). The Vuze HD Network home page has less information on it and I can’t scroll through these results anymore or sort them by duration, popular etc. There seems to be a lot less information on this homepage now. As much as I’ve loved Vuze in the past, I don’t think I’ll be using it as much anymore. PS. What happened to Ministry of Sound TV??

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    I have a Mac book Pro and today I have installed Vuez. I am very enthusiastic about the usage possibilities :D Unfortunately after downloading a movie (mkv) and after automatically conversion to mp4 format it can be not played on my external Samsung LED TV. On the TV you can see a device connection “DLNA vuze on Localhost”. If I look to that movie the folder is empty…. FYI The option at Library => Devices=beta.

    Does anyone know how to get fixed?

    Indeed thank you very much for your help!

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  • artemis

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