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The past two releases have focused on improving your ability to quickly find and download the content you want to play.  With this release, the Vuze team concentrated on improving the ways you play your content – on your PC and Mac, on the other screens in your life (now including the iPad and Connected TVs), and simply by burning a DVD.

More specifically, Vuze 4.4 includes a significant upgrade to both the Vuze HD Player and Device Playback.  In addition, we spent some time building three of your most requested features – DVD burning, built-in antivirus protection, and better search – as part of a new offering called Vuze Plus.  Intrigued? Read on.


Screen shot 2010-04-06 at 10.20.37 AM

With today’s release, the Vuze HD Player received a significant update, including:

•  Higher quality playback: Smoother playback for HD content (including 1080p)
•  More formats: Improved format support (including avi, wmv, mpeg, xvid, Quicktime, and more)
•  Subtitles: A very cool integration with OpenSubtitles enabling you to pull in subtitles for any content and language the OpenSubtitle community has translated
•  Faster and Lighter: Significantly faster launch and lighter weight playback.


Props to both the MPlayer and teams for enabling us to stand on the shoulders of the giant that is open source!

Screen shot 2010-04-05 at 6.36.23 PM

Speaking of improved playback, we’ve also updated Vuze Device Playback to significantly improve the quality and speed of device transfers.

Since Vuze launched device support, more than 3 million of you have used Vuze Devices to transfer and playback more than 70 million items on your iPhone, iPod, Xbox, PS3, PSP, and Tivo.   You seem to like the ability to drag-and-drop to play back on the device of your choice…

Aside from your rave reviews, we’ve also been listening to your requests to improve device transfer speeds and decrease the failure rates when files don’t successfully transfer to the device of your choice.  This release updates the core infrastructure for Vuze Devices to significantly improve device transfer performance — both speed and success rates.

And one more thing on the device playback front… Vuze now supports transfer and playback on iPad and Connected TVs (with DLNA support).


Introducing Vuze Plus

Beyond improving Vuze’s core features enabling you to find, download, and play, we’ve also heard your requests for a variety of new features.  Today, we’re launching a premium version called Vuze Plus that includes DVD Burn, Built-in Antivirus, and Power Search.

Screen shot 2010-03-31 at 5.51.09 PM

Finally, we have an answer for all your questions about how to burn DVDs from Vuze.  We’re not talking about crude data DVDs for storage and transport.  We’re talking about easily burning playable DVDs for playback on any standard DVD player.  Simply drag-and-drop videos from your Vuze Library or anywhere on your desktop, organize your playlist, and click burn.

Screen shot 2010-04-01 at 9.44.25 AM

Screen shot 2010-03-31 at 4.58.48 PM

Downloading from the web can be intimidating.  We’ve heard your worries about malware, viruses, and scams.  To address your concerns, we’ve teamed with BitDefender to deliver a fully built-in antivirus solution that scans all the files you download with Vuze Plus to proactively protect you before problems occur.

Screen shot 2010-03-31 at 5.51.25 PM

Finally, we consistently hear that you want additional sites added to Vuze Meta Search.  Power Search includes twice as many search sites to offer more comprehensive results so you quickly find what you’re looking for.

The new Vuze HD Player and Device Playback features are immediately available in Vuze 4.4 (our flagship app that’s free as always).  For those of you that want a little extra spice, DVD Burning, Built-in Antivirus, and Power Search will be offered as Vuze Plus for $24.99.  Offering Vuze Plus will enable us to build some of the extra features many of you have been requesting, without adding bloat to the main Vuze app you know and love.  In addition, charging a nominal fee for Vuze Plus will enable us to work with leading partners like BitDefender to offer some of the cool features you’ve been requesting.

Let us know what you think!


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Guest Contributor

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  • Jacqueline Drake

    You Guys Rock My World..Thank You

  • Funk Mob

    Phenomenal update thanks Vuze team much appreciated!

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  • The chosen one

    by far the most supreme torrent client and now even more… these awesome updates liberate us from using 100 different converters etc. Thanks!

  • Troy

    Any chance of the Wii getting into the device list?

  • Alan Weston

    You guys have done a brillant job over the couple of years I have been involved with you and the last one is so much better than the days it took before.Many Thanks AW.AT 65yrs.

  • Larry Lowe

    Just downloaded the new 4.4 version on my Macbook Pro running 10.5.8.

    It crashes on launch consistently.

    How do I go back to 4.3.n.n?

  • Roger

    Vuze Plus sure is great for movies and music. But what about documentaries? Recently I tried to download a documentary (137GBs) but my computer told me I didn’t have enough space on my hard drive. Is there anyway to open a big omnibus documentary so that one can download only what one is interested in? (Hard to please).–

  • waikoah

    Nothing about files and folders to sort out and organize my 1000’s of movies?! Still one HUGE list to scroll through and search? C’mon….

  • Dr-Hack

    vuze really gets thing going and doing… suprisingly its neat and tidy all the way ..

    thanks vuze team.

  • Robin

    Question: Was using Tvdome and decided to purchase ??? so I could download my favourite tv shows and burn to discs, … purchased a two year subscription to ??? and this is the site they gave me to download from.. after accepting my money.. which I see is supposibly Free… and now I am being asked to donate to Vuse and pay for upgrades??? any help out there??

    • Vuze Team

      Hi Robin,

      The Vuze team has recently received reports of unaffiliated web sites charging people for “unlimited movie” services, but then simply re-directing them to download the free version of our software. Some do this under the guise that all they are really selling is “links to freeware…, technical support and tutorials,” rather than the software itself. Regardless, our basic Vuze software is free and you should never have to pay for it.

      We can assure you that we are actively investigating such companies, and doing what we can to shut them down. This is no easy task. In the meantime, your best recourse is to:

      1) contact your credit card company and request that they cancel the charge;
      2) make sure you always go to to download our software.

      We will continue to make every attempt to eliminate misleading offers made in our name.

      Thanks for being a part of the Vuze community,

      The Vuze team

  • Gazza

    To Troy: The wii currently doesnt have the required software, to be able to view these on the wii you would need to have hacked your wii 1st (as this is illegal, vuze can’t put wii on device list)

    To roger: If there is not enough space on your hard drive consider getting a portable one, or if the file is in parts, download each file seperatly and if you want to have more of those files use an archiver to reduce space used

    To waikoah: Open the location where the files are stored, use explorer’s built in search

    Hope tht helps u lot :) Contact me at ‘’ if you need any more help and ill see if i cn help u out

  • Stefano Degni

    Will be possible,have information in Italian?Thank You!

  • roalecano

    thank’s vuze>>>

  • Paulo

    I loved. thanks

  • davextreme

    What? ? ? Why ? ? ?

  • Ben Janssen

    Thanks for the Vuze upgrade. I tried to Burn a DVD with (DVD Burn) but my Norton Anti Virus deemed it suspious and prevented it for burning.

  • wrawa


    I’ve emailed in the past but have not received a reply. I would like to donate to your organization but will not donate on line (prior bad experiences doing this). If you have a post office box or site address I’d appreciate it being sent to my email address. Please identify yourself in the email heading since I delete unknown mail without opening it…..thanks for a useful and enjoyable product and service.

  • Kevin E. Sullivan

    I haven’t upgraded yet most likely tonight. But finding Vuze about 8 months ago was a real blessing. Thank You, Thank you, and Thank you too.

  • cher

    I don’t want HD player how do I uninstall it

  • Gazza

    To Stefano Degni(/any others wanting to change the language): 1. Open the Options tab
    * Windows

    – Go to the Advanced section of Vuze (View > Advanced)
    – Press Ctrl + the comma key (,) or select [ Tools (4th menu) > Options (last item) ]

    * Mac

    Press Ctrl + the comma key (,) or select (Vuze menu > Preferences)

    2. Double click on Interface (5th item)
    3. Click on Language (1st subitem)
    4. Select your Language

    To Ben Janssen: If your anti-virus software is stopping you, consider opening it up and allowing any application/process that is related to Vuze, or if this doesnt work disable the anti-virus during the process of dvd burning
    Hope ive helped ppl agen :P

  • gio’

    Da qualche mese ho Vuze ,complimenti a tutti e buon lavoro.Ottime le prestazioni,sono un appassionato di film,el’unico neo che ho trovato come in altri simili,che non e’ segnalata la lingua,scaricando aime’in lingua straniera o con sottotitoli o con sonoro roboante da cinema.Se potete studiare qualche accorgimento che ne segnali,la presenza.ciao bravi a tutti,e buon lavoro.

  • MacUser

    Thanks For The Warning Larry Lowe Before I downloaded it.

  • Blackthunder

    Hey VUZE, with a very big smile & excitement THANK YOU!!!! I’d be more than willing to pay a subscription fee for a grand service like that. It’s more like all in one package… GREAT JOB & can’t wait

  • christine skiba


  • a vuzer


    There is no way to delete HD Player without deleting Vuze. I am not sure why you would want to do this anyway. If you want to deactivate it, you can go to Tools > Options > Plugins and deselect it in the menu.

  • Keith

    Hey guys.

    I’m having a serious problem. For the past couple days my search function hasn’t been working AT ALL. No matter what I search for, even topics that are as well-known and obvious as could be -I get only a handful of totally unrelated results. Plus there are no results anymore from I Torrent. I noticed when I went to their site that something is going on with the lawsuit that sounds like maybe the U.S. users may be getting cut off due to some judge’s recent opinion regarding copyright infringment..? Is Vuze in trouble or is it just something twisted on my end? I love Vuze, man, and I would hate to see this thing get shut down…

  • Paul Schoenauer

    How do I unlock RAR files without having to subscribe to a site before I know it will in fact work?

  • roc

    when vuze downloads a movie it goes into my main drive,but this drive doesn,t have enough memory to handle movie downloads,so i bought an external harddrive , but now i don’t know how to set it up so vuze will directly download into this external harddrive, any suggestions

  • Lynn B,. Meyer

    Your service is a lot better and cheaper than Graboid. I had nothing but technical problems with them. At least Vuze works well.

  • Chris Brown

    I have a zune, I want to know if any conversion will work with it?

  • James Gumbert

    I live in australia and we do not have unlimited download. If we fownload too much the speed is decreased to dial-up. As our plans are broken up into peak and off peak and the greater part of the plan usually falling on the off-peak, IS THERE A WAY OF TELLING VUSE TO ONLY DOWNLOAD ON UPLOAD BETWEEN THE HOURS OF X AND Y? OR, IS THERE A PROGRAM THAT I CAN DOWNLOAD AS A TIMER?

  • juan carlos

    hello misters creators of vuze: for that we do not have English taken by the hand, it would be great to ask it also translated to the español.mas that nothing is to have information I would be grateful for a greeting.

    • Gilles BianRosa

      @juan carlos: Hola! We are working on translating our web pages in Spanish (and other fine languages, like French, my native tongue). The Vuze client is already translated in 40+ languages, so we should be covered there!


  • carlo

    gracias vuze son de lo mejor ke ay

  • Thomas

    Kindly show me the burn file link after downloading.
    How do I disable some add-on I don’t need in VUZE. I added them on example fire-frog. I want to use the original Vuze which was saved on the desk-top and want to use the link for
    burning a file I like on a CD/DVD.

  • Kofi

    nothing surpasses u guys !! u are the world to me !!

  • billy moore…..

    many thank-you’s….a novice such as i…..half way thru my first down load…..hmmm!!!!!…..

  • MacUser

    @Paul Schoenauer:
    If You’re using a mac, download (For Free) UnRarX
    Windows, Idk.

  • Marcelo

    Thank u very much!!! VUZE’s Awesome!

  • hk

    i have a zune how do i downlaod to it?

    • Gilles BianRosa

      @hk: We are looking into supporting Zune. Thanks for the note.


  • Wardy_au

    10/10 guys… This will only be the 2nd time that I have found software worthy of downloading and upgrading to the “Pro Version”! Clean, neat, simple service to use (so much so the wife now wants to learn), the BURN DVD function is awesome. nothing complicated. It just keeps getting better and better so MANY THANKS to all the team.

    One question to ponder though, once the annual subscription runs out, will you look at doing something special for those of us that will renew annually? Something like a 2 year deal or a percentage off to tempt us to be loyal? :)

    Keep up the great work! :)

    • Gilles BianRosa

      @Wardy_au: Glad you like it, thanks! We will definitely think about ways to make Vuze Plus even better, including potential features to add.


  • Wardy_au

    @ James Gumbert: Re: Speed Scheduler is the answer.

    If you want to schedule your upload and download speeds based on time and day of week. You can try installing the ‘Speed Scheduler’ from the Installation Wizard in Vuze.

    To install the ‘Speed Scheduler’, follow these easy steps:

    1) Click on (Tools > Plugins > Installation Wizard)
    2) Choose ‘By list from’, click next.
    3) Mark ‘Speed Scheduler’ from the list, click next.
    4) Choose whether to install the plugin for all users or for you only.
    5) Click on Finish.
    6) Click on (Tools > Plugins > Installation Wizard) and create a schedule.

    1) Click on (File > Plugins > Installation Wizard)
    2) Choose ‘By list from’, click next.
    3) Mark ‘Speed Scheduler’ from the list, click next.
    4) Choose whether to install the plugin for all users or for you only.
    5) Click on Finish.
    6) Click on (File > Plugins > Speed Scheduler) and create a schedule.

    Hope that helps mate (I’m in Oz too & hate how 60% of my plan is off peak from 2am-8am.) Speed Scheduler now allows me the ability to use ALL my off peak time effectively without killing my on peak quota. :)

  • Eddy from Maine

    You guys are the epitome of “the shizzle”

  • Sandra Kay

    Vuze is the best…..its true.

  • Austin

    Vuze is simply the best torrent downloader EVER. so many features the other clients will never be able to live up to…
    keep up the good work guys

  • roalecano

    salamat vuze

  • danny darville

    won’t let me upgrade to burn more than one dvd.get error when i click on upgrade.

  • deluxxe

    Thanks Vuze, great Update! Just hooked up my MacbookPro (OS10.6.3) with my brand new Samsung TV (UE32C6710) via Vuze and it works great! .ts, .mkv, .mov, .mp4, .avi, in SD or HD, without conversion of files. plays back perfect, even via WLAN – no problem! Works even better than “Samsung PC Share Manager” on my PC. Only question: there no way i can pause/ffw/rew during playback, is that a problem to be solved by Vuze or Samsung-update?

  • michel

    show vedio thumnails and their ratings

  • vuze_user

    Vuze, more features-better program!



  • Zano

    Everything’s looking great, thanks Vuze Team.

    Problem for me is, my PS3 can’t detect Vuze and neither can Vuze. What could be the cause of this problem? I have the options enabled for sharing through network, but nothing comes up.

    Anyone know what’s up?

  • toos van oosterhout

    IK Heb vanmorgen vuzeplus betaald MAAR Kan Nog Geen DVD Branden schoffel Kan DAT IK VOOR Niks betaaltoch niet

  • toos van oosterhout

    ik heb vanmorgen vuze plus betaald maar kan nog steeds niet brande hoe kan dat ik betaal toch niet voor niks

  • Abhay Shirke

    Vuze guys have done it again! No more need to import files into a media player and burn. Now I can do it from Vuze application itself!
    Keep up the good work! Will buy the premium version soon.

    Abhay Shirke Pune India

  • Rod

    so you can no longer download music albulms??? what gives???

  • rylen

    Thank you for the program and the update. Mostly good stuff. However, I’m not interested in your HD Player. I’m sure it’s nice, but I want a torrent client and that’s it. Formerly, I could double-click a video file and have my player start it, the way I can double-click a txt and get Notepad, or a pdf for Acrobat, etc. Now, clicking opens the containing folder. I can still right-click, get a menu, and pick “open” to get the proper behavior. But, that’s three actions when I’m used to one. Is the desired behavior still possible? How do I get it back?


  • Jamie

    Hi, can anybody tell me if its possible to put movies on my iphone via vuze? Thanx :)

  • DoubleShelix

    This makes me so happy… The only thing I can think of right now that would make Vuze officially one of the best things ever would be if it didn’t use so much memory. I guess what I’m saying is, making it more low-profile on the computer would be WONDERFUL, but the increasing list of features already makes Vuze pretty nifty as is.

  • Drifter

    A special thank you, for all the team effort, and the time put in, for such a great P2P program.
    You are the best.

  • Rusty

    One word, AWESOME!!! Just uploaded stuff to my iphone and its awesome!! No more paying for tv shows n movies for me. Thanx Vuze crew I love you.

  • Jack

    after a weekend of playing with the new vuse my download speeds have gone from 400 kb with the last version to 25 max with this version. Can I go back to the old version?

  • Guy


  • g.s. standish

    Please CANCEL VUZE. Thank you.

  • GioBi

    A few days ago was prompted to update Vuze. Up to that moment I was extremely happy with both the program and the download speed. After I updated it I started to have problems with my internet connection: as soon as I open Vuze I lose internet connection, something I had never experienced before. I am using a MacBook Pro Mac OS X 10.6.3
    Tried to find a solution in forums but couldn’t.
    Any suggestion? Hate to go back to other p2p application.

  • mohamed alhoany

    thanks to the maker vuze pro realy thanks

    am mido frome egypt

  • Ellie

    I paid for Vuse through a place and didn’t find out till much later this program is free needless to say I was pissed.

  • Dominik

    Hello !

    comment faire pour avoir les sous-titres ???

    Merci d’avance ;-D


  • robybob

    Vuze is the BEST media downloading site in the world no questions ask Thank You ever so much vuze developers

  • unknownish….

    Awesome. I feel safe with your program. like really safe. i havnt got to use google *ahem18monthsdatastorageahem* and so on… :) the ony problem i had was that an update failed and he told me all the time vuze needs to restart… i did that the first few times, but it wasnt working…. The next update changed it, though.

  • Vladimir

    Thank u so much! New video player is awesome, but imo it lacks some default keyboard shortcuts like leftarrow/rightarrow – back/ahead for 5(?) seconds (these two are the most important) and maybe up and down arrows for volume, s – on/off subtitles, m – mute. With this small improvement it would be #1 and probably the only one player for me. Thanks

  • Beatstormz studio BHP !!!

    Beatstormz hit the planet !!!!

  • Beatstormz studio BHP !!!

    yho !! down south the grass is green !!! Beatstormz music BHP
    the best music down south !!!!!.

  • Beatstormz studio BHP !!!
  • Vuze Hater

    Vuze : U are selling an ex. free & open source software !!!

  • EM

    Very nice, love all the updates! What would make it perfect is streaming to Android phones…hint hint…



  • Nightrider

    Hi Vuze team:
    I am confused. Your vuze remote does not work on my PS3.
    Additionally, some d/l movies do not work PS3 but it does on the VUze HD player. How will I invoke your HD player in the PS3? I am having one heck of a problem.




    I’m not satisfied with Vuze Plus. I cannot drag and pste to DVD burn. No i can only download one Torrent file when I was able to download 3 or 4 at the same time with the older version. I cannot convert files as easier as before either therefore I cannot watch the copies inh my TV.

    I would loike to have answers to all these problems I get quicker responses from the technical support.
    Thank you,



    mada fucha

  • Anthony

    when vuze downloads a movie it goes into my main drive,but this drive doesn,t have enough memory to handle movie downloads,so i bought an external harddrive , but now i don’t know how to set it up so vuze will directly download into this external harddrive, any suggestions

  • Jack Donadio

    I just downloaded 2 American Idol episodes on my laptop and dragged and dropped the files into the TiVo app and after it converted them, I opened my TiVo and went to my Playlist (as directed) there was no folder named Vuze.
    Can you help me.

  • red dragon

    the only thing that i dont like is that you cant play downloade games frome it

  • Matt

    Thank You Vuze, I get all of my favorite media thanks to you guys. You are all an awesome team! Keep up the good work !

  • JonM

    Really would like to see folders and sub folders. When viewing Vuze Downloads remotely from another PC all you get is one big list of files. That said I have also changed the default location of where my files are stored and they do not appear in the library.
    Would also like to add that I tried the mobile client on my new HTC HD2 Windows 7 Mobile phone and used 3 different browsers and reset the code each time and could not pair with any if them.
    I was truly going to pay for the Vuze Pro and then after these couple of experiences and wasted hour of my time I decided its time to drop Vuze.
    I also had a look in your FAQ’s and found little to nothing to assist me in resolving the problems I have experienced.

  • elias cruz

    hey i’ve had this vuze on my computer once before and my internet got shut down twice and my provider sead it was for file sharing. if it happens 4 times i canot have the internet anymore.whats up with this shit?I LOVE VUZE.send me an e-mail of your input on that please.

  • asif

    perfeccttttttttttttttttt buddies

  • Joe Gunn

    i just ungraded to this new version of vuze and all my files in “LIBRARY” from the old version of vuze are gone….how do i add them to my new library so i can burn them to a DVD?

  • kevin

    hello all,yes this is a great product,enjoying it very much
    i would like to add my archos 704 wifi to devices,any chance
    getting round this one please.thanks again kevin.i have got
    the vuze plus edition.

  • Maurice Lampl

    It would be nice if you could attach closed-captioning to the movies… You could play a DVD and include the closed captioning signal into this Vuze download…

  • matthew

    how do i get my games for my psp to work, just get transcode error all thetime, movies work fine
    Thank you

  • John

    Hi Vuze, this is a wonderful site, and I love it so far, but I want to pay for the upgrade and I am not sure how safe it is. Is this all totally legal what we are doing? I am from New Jersey so if you know that answer please let me know. Is there another way I can pay for this service wtihout using my credit card? Or signing up for paypay? Do you accept checks? Or could we do something over the phone? Either way thanks so much for such a great service. Keep up the good work Vuze.

  • bibs234

    can’t find asian movies

  • Jacob

    i got a couple movies downloaded and eveerything worked GREAT but now when i try and enter a name of anything in the search bar nothing even comes up … ???wats wrong with it? nothing happens its like i didnt even press enter. but i did.. over and over and over

  • Paul

    Fast Foward / Rewind. How come you can’t skip forward or back anymore with the left and right arrows? In fact I can’t find this functionality at all. Very frustrating.

  • angie

    why are the movies that i download not playin anymore they say i need px3 player or windows media player never had this problem before so wat did i pay for since i cant watch anything?

  • Tyler

    Hey, can anyone tell me how to stream these downloaded videos onto my Xbox 360? Also, I have a relatively old PC, and the videos don’t seem to be playing. Is there any simpler video-playing thing I could download? Thanks :D!

  • joseph

    thank you

  • Kaye Stafford

    I love vuze I have emailed y regarding my problem no answer
    I have vuze on my computer and i up graded it to the burn one $27.00 rec no2288-1899-4287-1880
    I have had trouble and the vuze had to be deleated now i can’t get it back on ther and i don’t want to pay any more money
    So how do i go about it i miss it and found it very easy to do thank y


  • karim

    thank’s vuze>>>

  • http://PETERSWEEP@LIVE.CO.UK peter day

    still cant down please send reply to new e mail urgent thnks

  • Charles

    I’ve been using Vuze for a couple of weeks and since yesterday, my downloads are stuck nothing happens anymore. In the tracker column it says, Error(leeching not allowed(30)).
    Anyone knows what this means or what I can do to fix it.
    Please anything will help

  • americo pereira

    tenho um simulador de camioes mas nao consigo abri-lo..meu pc é de escritorio e por mto k tente nao consigo abrilo.
    meti o vuse.tbm poes o poweriso mas mesmo assim nao consigo alguem pode ajudarme?

  • bigphil80

    is it possible to transfer downloads to my portable harddrive

  • 360 Problems

    One thing I keep having a huge problem with on playback for the 360 is that the files, despite being in order on Vuze, show up on the device out of order. They also all display the same file name, which makes it even harder to find the right episode in a season. If anything could be improved on, that would be a good start.

  • Steve

    Reguarding previous comment made by Robin. I too was a victum of those online scam artists that promise all these movies and titles and when you sign up all you get is the link to Vuze, which is free anyways. The site that I got scamed by was MOVIE25. WATCH OUT PEOPLE!!! Dear Vuze Team, can you tell these SOB’s to stop scamming people with reputable companies like Vuze, they are trying to tarnish your name, and they dont care. Steve

  • Steve

    Can anyone tell me what” Fail to establish Listen port on UDP ##### is? It keeps popping up on message everyday. I asked Vuze team but they said, right now due to millions of request that can only reply to Vuze Plus related questions, and I have Vuze Plus.

  • Stijn

    This is not a program

    It is a monument


  • susie

    How do I delete dupicated songs that i transferred from lime wire?

  • Loki in Toronto

    I just recently made a voluntary donation to Vuze of $50.00

    I think you should give Vuze Plus for free to anyone that made a donation of, say $40.00 or more in the last 12 months.

  • van camp vincent

    Trouvé JE salut vuze super MAIS je ne sais Pas commentaire clés Obtenir lun. mot de passe sa serai super qu’on me papille commentaire Obtenir l’rebuilt merci beaucoup verser au Québec CE Tous Vous Faite VVC

  • LTR

    Just to let you know that I think Vuze works really well, only problem is I paid U$68.98 for a 2yr subscription. Cannot believe that I was suckered!!!
    Anyway, keep up the great site.

  • Moorloch

    A built-in proxy feature would be jim dandy.

  • John Ager

    Is the Wii going to be included in streaming ?

  • delmira ferreira martins de andrade

    a gostei muito e goato do vuze . sou tenho de parabenizar a iquipa toda e desejar muito sucesso.

  • domz

    Love that its so easy to use.

  • angeline tshiyane

    i paid for and downloaded vuze before i had problems with my laptop, it was cleaned and i downloaded vuze again but its not vuze plus, how do i get my original vuze download again?

  • Chris

    I have just discovered the world of torrents and such. Vuze is a great program. Where can I learn more about “trackers,nats, port speeds and all of the stuff that makes this work. I am a beginner with this and need a tutorial. Thanks

  • David L Malson

    I Love Vuze

  • craig

    ive sent vuze a number of emails about why some downloads are ok when playing but when burn them to disc they sound like there dubbed voice isnt matching movement of mouth ,why dont i get a reply

  • Anna Karenina

    Thanks to Vuze, :) Its really great!

  • Kayhan

    Vuze good the first three four years ago, I discovered at the same time five six the movie download yapabiliyordum.Now 2 restricted and for Turkey ‘s data speed heavy because of it elsewhere in the download began to make rapid, u Torent vsi.Bu about our site yöneticileimizden understanding bekliyoruz.Benim assistance and support from many people like the victim here, your site.
    Note: The translation was done with google translate.

  • amano masamune

    I am not a fan at all of Itune and ipod hence why i decided to go for a creative player. Do you think you can add on you device list creative player. No everybody like Ipod.

  • roberto ignacio

    thanks vuze

  • Manny

    You guys are the bombdiggity,thanks!Greg at Vuze support is Da Best.

  • jencarlos

    hi my name is jencarlos ,,,i like vuze but sometimes i’ts ,not working … the firts time when i dwnload the program was good .but now i have alitle problem ,,,please help..appreciation,your help

  • Tommy

    Hello! My name is Tommy. I feel like an idiot. I’m in my fifth day with Vuze, and am ready to discontinue because I just can’t figure out how to watch movies. I subscribed to the three year vip package, but am not feeling very important cause i can’t figure N E thing out. I downloaded everything that that needed to be loaded, but am just stuck. I keep getting an unhappy face.

  • Daphne

    This is a little off topic, and I’m a luddite, so please don’t flame me. I’m not sure the right place to ask this question — I looked on teh FAQ page. If I drag the files into itunes, and delete the torrent, the files won’t play. Is that just how it is? Do I need to keep the torrent in order to play it in itunes?

  • Marcia Harris

    I love vuze plus, eventhough it takes a long time to download some movies.

  • Dennis

    On the 5th of April I downloaded and installed 4.4 after I read and read on what I was suppose to do and how. Cause I had tried Vuze February of 09 work great then crashed. I was unable fix or reinstall. Now I can do anything else when Vuze is running. I did not have this problem before and it was fast. Now slow downloading and can’t do anything. What gives?

  • Alan Weston

    I have just got into v+ it is once again a brillant up grade. Many Thanks AW.

  • unskinnybob

    It sucks that you have to transcode everything to PS3. PS3mediaserver transcodes on the fly.

  • kev

    Everything was going great for the first few days. (did get sucked in to pay the $26) Then it all came to a grinding Holt. The search comes up:
    Sorry, there was a problem loading this page.
    Please check if your internet connection is working and click retry to continue.
    …and the down/up loads dont make any progress. Had the same problem with EMULE when I tried it a few years ago

  • Brian

    Answer larry lowes question this new update constantly crashes ( not respnods)and have to have task manager to close it there is something wrong with this update

  • Sumit Deswal

    U guys r doing really a nice job.
    Claps for that.
    Thank u for giving us such a nice software.

  • marco

    Grazie team di Vuze siete i Meglio

  • Mr. T DkTrP

    to roger:

    buy a extern hdd of 1tb.
    change in configuaration the place where the downloads go to.

    that’s all


    i need this

  • gary moore

    I umderstand the ladies concern i got scewed too and i got a 3 year sub– , im just taking as a lost ,but happy they did lead me to vuze.and i love the new hd player the dvd burn would been nice too if i havent already purhase the nero 9 a one time buy to burn dvds any wats tks vuze.

  • elumstheyoutubigon

    Thak you vuze it is owesome…

  • Megan

    sometimes i find this program really laggy and hard to use and, i have the newest of the new program. So i dont think that this is all its cracked up to be.

  • nova

    Ill likely be purchasing a year subscription depending on how this dvd turns out im burning now Put simply burning dvds that actually well play can be a real pain. Spent a fair chunck of time trying to get a playable one yesterday with out success using a half dozen programs. So we shall see whats what.

  • Jorge

    you have a very good technology

  • bang9

    i followed vuze for a while now, the changes implomented are taking this software a hugh cut above the rest. from a simple torrent downloader to multi use app keep up the good work guys an gals at vuze. fantastic program thank you :)

  • regina

    i tried the one complimentary burn because it seemed so easy and it only burned half the movie and had a lot of skips i would love to buy the vuze because i think its great! but how will i know this won”t happen again. i have to admit vuze is the easiest


  • jc

    hi Are you under coz i paid fees there & was eventuaklly redirected to vuze, i am confused because, one guy said that this vuze 4.4 is free??? could you kindly clarify, pleeeease.

  • maena

    permeabilità e Stata Una manna Dal cielo ho i Bimbi Piccoli ke Amano i film animati Disney cosi li posso accontentare!!

  • ulla

    Good news. Hope the site remains as user friendly as it is.

  • Chris

    Vuze is awesome. Love all the updates you guys do – really tremendous work.

  • KaLaMar

    Arguably, the best torrent client on the web tooday. Now all we need is a mobile version for the Droid! ;-)

  • g-funk/florida

    Phenomenal update thanks Vuze team much appreciated!

  • Mark

    Will the new version work on my Dual-Core Intel powerPC Mac running OS X 10.4.11. I hear there might be a few problems

  • Jim Gee

    I dont know what you have done but WOW
    Speed is so much better and quality is superb

  • MacBook user

    Just downloaded the new version 4.4 Vuze to my brand new Macbook Pro. Downloaded my tv shows, dragged to my PS3 device, watched on my big screen tv! It is like magic! Everything works perfectly with my mac so I don’t know why other mac users are having problems. Thanks VUZE team!!!

  • Mich

    I was going to purchase the plus until I saw its annual fee….I prefer one time charge instead of bounded by timely charge, So i just keep as it is.


    love this site

  • bbboy

    needs a blackberry app

  • hannah

    love vuze! cancelling my cable tv service – damn cable companies seem to have found loopholes in the monopoly laws. over $100/month for basic service and go around telling everyone to do the same. very grateful you guys are so clever and that we have an alternative to those cable companies. thanks!

  • futioux

    j’ai déjà es-sailler d’autre logiciel de téléchargement mais ces toujours ver vuze que je reviens pour mois il est incontournable ci je n’ ai pas la possibilité avec vuze je cherche un autre lien .votre programme est simple as utiliser et a installer longue vie à vuse et merci pour tous ses servisse

  • ladyb

    tried downloading a movie but it didn’t work using the dvd burn. it wouldn’t return for a retry. what should i do? i have been using vuse and i think you are wonderful!

  • poovaraghavan

    hi friends !

    this s very great to download all type of needs …thanks to developers

  • harris8ball

    briliant best in the business,and blieve me i’ve tried them all the only free thing online that does exactley what it says on the tin.Been using Vuse for nearly twelve months now and its been great for me,any non believers out there just give it a chance and nurse it like a new born and you will grow too love each other.

  • apryl

    u need to work on MAKING THESE DOWNLOADS ACTUALLY DOWNLOAD nothing i try to download actually downloads it sits there says its downloading but nooothing happpppens >:-(

  • Margaret

    Hey I love Vuze and now have Vuze plus, its worth the bit extra. Thanks guys for giving us the ability to have this service without the normal problems and risks of ptp programs.

  • dave

    I found Vuze while searching for a fix for Limewire ‘hangs’. much better than Limewire or mp3 rocket. Thanks

  • haley

    i cant play the left for dead i bought. how do i play it??

  • Point Of No Return

    I used to spend MANY hours a day on vuze networking and viewing new content. Now I could care less what bit torrent client I use. I don’t care if I can use vuze to put stuff on my ipod. That is what simple video converter apps are for or drag and drop into itunes. I care about networking, friends and the old business model about democratic media (REMEMBER?)… Now vuze sucks. I keep getting the donate box like, yea, I am going to donate because you are now a run of the mill bit torrent client? In one day I lost a thousand friends and my 50 some videos that I busted my butt spending often days each creating and editing my content and uploading to get my content with downloads in the thousands deleted from the face of the map.

    Don’t you know it is not wise to narrow your business model to place all of your eggs in one basket. And that one basket is illegal torrents… Before you had actual people who would have served their files from their own computers if need be. There was rarely a time when I was not here with my pc on sharing my own content 24/7.

    I really didn’t need your own servers sharing my stuff. Please fire whoever it is leading your company down the tubes and bring back the old Vuze. I was one of your first customers… And FYI I bought content on a few occasions with my debt card on vuze. (mostly because your donate button) DID NOT WORK!

    Ask yourself would you donate to a mere bit torrent client?
    That is all you are now… Though I might have donated to your program before had you had the donate button actually up and working, I had a vested interest before but now vuze does nothing for me that any other FREE torrent client will do. The minute you got the donate button FINALLY working I did not even get time to throw some funds into my account and you deleted my friends, my content and my user page and seriously you want me to donate now???

    Take my advice and fire the person who screwed up vuze…

    You had peaks of several million QUALITY users before now it rarely goes above 1.7 million and it has taken months to reach that top end. 1.7 scavengers who would switch to another client with the bat of an eye. Also those users are not really on vuze they are simply linking through vuze which is something any torrent client can do.

    Vuze used to be a meeting place for a special group of users now vuze is nothing but an icon in my toolbar. Vuze used to be under my skin and had tentacles deep within from its users. When you deleted my friends and content page Vuze lost its luster for me…


    You won get a penny from me until you restore my friends which took me MANY MONTHS to collect and videos that took me over a years work to create and upload…

    Don’t think I take this matter lightly…

    How would you like someone to in one day delete all of your friends?

    Thumbs still down!

  • sidharth

    its a nice torrent downloader..

  • Marlon McCallum

    how many movies can be put on a disc

  • seroazar

    exelent Vuze ! always making a PRO PROGRAM!!!

  • Michael Barkley

    love the burning option. I only wish that it would automatically start or have a start arrow. Unfortunately I have to stop and start to get it to play. Other than that, I’m so happy with your continued innovations

  • rick rivera

    just joined but having a problem with the vuze plus with my code it won’t accept it can you email the code maybe i wrote it down wrong,,I’m excited about copying the movies.

  • Jean

    All great stuff. I’d like to see an advanced search feature that gets rid of the monumental number of old torrents and even unrelated torrents. Say, a feature that lets you search for torrents in the past 24 hours or blank number of days or blank weeks or blank months or whatever.

    I’d also like to see what has been newly uploaded in the past 24 hours..and not have to name something specific.

    On one site I use they have a feature that adds a star next to torrents that were newly uploaded since the last time I looked. This feature is awesome and such a time saver!


  • Clarence Hodge

    I Clarence is having problems downloading files. Message: Bit Torrent Client needed for download. I went to a Vuze web site, and was instructed to go to the start button; click run: type: cmd/kDEL”%appdata\Azereus/Azureus.config- and files can be delete and reset. I did, but it returned, Make sure you typed the name correct, then try again. Can you send me intruction on how to get files to download properly

  • StarMan9

    I seem to be in the dark on downloading. Searching on Vuze for a program does nothing – program just stays there. When I search and find a download on utorrent, the download is transferred to Vuze. Is this right? Why can I not just use Vuze to do all the search work? Does Vuze rely on Utorrent as a sister work-function? What am I not doing right? Thanks for input! Keith RM

  • Serge

    Pourquoi ne pas mettre à la disposition des Francophones une version Française.
    D’avance merci

  • Amin

    My family and I really love vuze for downloading movies.Thanks guys.

  • Niket

    US military created internet n revolutionizrd the world. VUZE redefined it and created the best thing on internet. Hats off to VUZE team. will love to get more updates…

  • Kevin

    Hi i hope you can help me. I just down loaded Vuse 4.4 on my PC windows 7 and up graded to Vuse+ so I can download and play videos to DVD ( the drag and drop to DVD ). I have no DVD Burn on my desk top to do this. I have the screen where my movies are stored and a Devise section on the left and under that should be the DVD Burn but I have lost that some how and would like to retrieve it back. How do I do that? Thank you.

  • jc

    hello my verison fios sent me an e-mail saying somethig about copyright and be fined if further copyright thing i dont really know wats its saying but im sure some one know and can explain a little on waht not to d what to do certain torrents or no torrents fyi i like movies so pls help?????????????

  • kez619

    i love this site you its faster then the others ones

  • Tanya Spiva

    I have paid for Vuse, but since I got a new pc I’m not able to get the upgraded version, please send me the info I need to have the upgraded version..thank you.

  • monica

    I was trying to download movies off of vuze but when I search a movie it takes forever to find a movie. It doesn’t show my any movies at all. What is wrong with my vuze?

  • Jose

    Goooooooood ;)

  • Annoyed

    Great I thought, then I saw they are going to charge a yearly amount to be able to burn your dvd. What a con. It’s cheaper to buy a program as a one off for life this is just not on.

  • Gatheringjam

    i wish some one could be here next to me and watch over me. I did this and that but don’t know if it is going to work.

  • christine brake

    why does it take so long to download a movie

  • Kruzen

    I really like vuzes dvd burner with anti-virus protection. It plays on any dvd player. But I wish it would burn faster. Average burning time takes an hour for 1gb or less…

  • waleed ismail

    i have Problem is not work i Changed the settings many times….but i until now i have probem??please send the Correct settings for me soon

  • bj mccray

    i cant get ps3 to go on my vuze any suggestions?

  • jman

    hello every one just found out about and i love it i have vuze plus but i can not seem to get any downloads to start they all say queed does any one have a ny suggestions for me i am using a mac pro book

  • Sophie bee

    So far I am enjoying Fuse But PLEASE some one help I can not get this to drag out of itunes and into my IPOD. WHY??? PLEaSE HELP!!!!!!!!!!

  • John Murphy

    I would like to see a progress bar so I know how the down load is doing.

  • SAM

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    i really appreciate their spectacular work $ help..

  • SAM

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