To Utility, and beyond…

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Today, we’re shipping a great update to Vuze. Check Chris’ post for the full scoop, but needless to say, there are many things I’m excited about.

First the packaging – We’ve entirely revamped our website. “What’s with the dark background” some of you would ask. Well, our website was about video content, so it made sense to create an immersive look-and-feel. Today, we’re more focused on features, and ease of use. We’re about utility. So it made sense to redesign the site to articulate what Vuze does, with a more “utilitarian” look, and a lot of real estate dedicated to features. And yes, it’s on a white theme.

Speaking of utility and features, we are also releasing Vuze 4.4, with a lot of cool stuff in store, such as a major update of our video player: It’s fast, it supports gorgeous 1080p, and it has subtitles and languages built-in. We’re also upgrading our device playback engine, with faster transcoding and new native support for iPad and connected TVs such as Samsung.

Also, we’re launching a version of Vuze with premium features. Vuze Plus is a new offering that we’re super excited about. We see it as a great way to finance all the innovation that goes into Vuze, and allow the main product to remain free. Some call it a freemium model, I call it a win-win for users.  All Vuze users will benefit from us having more resources to innovate with the product they love, and Vuze Plus users will enjoy top-notch features (DVD burning, better search, torrent virus scanning) neatly integrated into Vuze.

Overall, today’s release is a small “avant-gout” of big things to come later in 2010. We’re working on a new project. It’s about digital media, it’s about your television, it’s not related to bittorrent.  In fact, in many ways, it’s not related to your computer. Quite simply, its about doing more with your digital entertainment.  We can’t say much about it just yet, but we think you’ll love it.

In the meantime, enjoy the new site, Vuze 4.4, and Vuze Plus, and as always, let us know what you think.


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  • Rommel

    To Vuze staff and lead creator! keep up the good and work !
    You go beyond my expectations ~ everything !!!

  • keplaxo

    You my friends are gods among men! thanks for gracing us mere mortals with this awesome work of tech-art!

  • Tony

    Guys I would love to donate $$$$$$ but dont have a C/C if there was another way to put some cash in ya hands I would

  • Segey

    Greate update!

    Can I see my other video files (outside Vuze)in HD Player too?

    And litle wish for the player:
    to pull the video, not only for the window title
    Hide markups below the frame around and the window title

  • Tony

    Looks as if I have to agree to install your browser toolbar as part of the process of upgrading to V4.4. Not acceptable to me, since your toolbar can track everything that I do online. Please fix the installation agreement so that I can do the upgrade, and take advantage of the new features without the intrusive toolbar.

    • Gilles BianRosa

      @Tony: Actually, you don’t need to install the Vuze Remote toolbar in order to upgrade. It’s optional. Also, in the case you do decide to install it (for example, to use the Vuze remote feature), be assured the Vuze Remote Toolbar doesn’t track anything you online :)


  • Bob

    I’m not sure if anyone will actually read this but, here goes.
    I recently updated vuze, after I was prompted.
    Once I did that, I guess your new Vuze HD player took over as the default player.
    Now, whenever I want to watch a movie that I have in my library, the HD player opens…..then I hear the sound….but….THE SCREEN STAYS BLACK.!!!!!!
    What the hell have you people done now.?????
    How do I uninstall your crappy HD player so I can watch what I downloaded.??????

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  • Glenn Garner

    I have a hard time playing pogo games the screen is way too big,is there any thing I can do about this. Thx Glenn Garner

  • vuze_user

    I love the new look of Vuze. I especially like the added feature of burning dvds.

  • walter

    VUZE should remove those “fake” movie downloads that just want me to buy some kind of decoder before i can watch the movie.

    VUZE should have higher standards for those “CAM” movies that are horrible in quality and in the end a complete waste of download space.

  • muzze

    how to get smaller subtitle text? on the last version it was perfect

  • werther battistini

    io sono italiano e nnso bene l’inglese, mettete su Vuse 1 traduttore o no!!!!!Grazie werther vicenza

  • werther battistini

    mettete un traduttre senò stò giro mi tocca imparare l’english…ciao raga!

  • Night Rider

    all in all VUZE new version is good. Some suggested improvements:

    1. Change the subtitles size – or give an option to do so.
    2. Remove fake uploads. I know sys admins have work to do – but user comments should guide the admins to filter them out.
    3. If Vuze wants to be as professional as it is now and wants to continue this way then some background work on upload quality and filtering is an absolute must.

  • dee

    before I used older version of vuze but last week I download the latest version without removing the old one, my vuze automatically changed into the latest one but sometimes my laptop freeze after 6 hrs I turn on vuze,why does it happen? does it happen because I didnt remove my old vuze before I installed the new version? I dont have any problem with playing the movie I had downloaded.

  • walter

    Thanks for all the hard work in developing VuZe 4.4.

    I would love to upgrade but was disappointed with the fact that you only allow one “FREE” burn. I tried the burn and before I realized what I had done VuZe burned the “sample” instead of the full .avi movie.

    Surely you guys can afford to allow at least 10 free burns to try that feature of VuZe.

    Why or how did you guys come up with the idea that ONE FREE burn is good enough?

  • juan r.

    i, like tony, would like to donate but prefer an alternate means of remittance. do you have a bus. address?

  • jerome


  • frances byrne

    Love Vuze, but the last week i can download but cant watch any of the movies, no prob if i download ncis, ghost whispterer, ect, any idea what th problem is, please, thanks

  • misterchilleny

    I just ran the VUZE installer for 4.4 and now VUZE crashes on opening. I was running version 3. something and it was running perfectly. Now I cannot get V to complete its start up before it crashes. I am on a Mac, OS 10.5.8 (Leopard). I went through the usual steps to fix this – reboot, repair permissions, reboot again. VUZE 4.4 simply will not stay open beyond its initial set up or initialization process. The VUZE window appears for a few seconds then crashes.
    Does anyone know how I can restore what I had? Especially retrieve my library contents?

  • Matthew Dark

    The new Vuze is impressive i find it hard to believe that people could complain about something which is fresh upfront innovative and most of all FREE. I thank you all for the new features and i impationtly wait for your next new releases. Everything that i have tried with Vuze 4.4 works perfectly i also love the statistics page as i like visual and the graphs upload and download speed it all looks top notch thankyou for keeping Vuze free to download.

  • zandy

    ihave found the lates release of vuze to be more user friendly, tried the free burn worked perfect so already taken vuze plus which is great, keep up the good work look forward to future updates.

  • WHicestorM@

    Vuze is the best!!!


    to the people of this is crap! you “CLAIM” that once you go to the website, you’ll be given a code to unlock the movie, and yet it doesn’t happen. you then have to do a mind quiz or brain teaser to get it, and when you have completed that….you have ANOTHER stupid quiz to do…and for what purpose? this is crap! you should NOT be allowed to post your movies on vuze just to push your stupid quizzies that don’t have anything to do with what we are trying to get! DON’T YOU GET IT??? PEOPLE DON’T LIKE SPAM AND THEY DON’T LIKE YOUR QUIZZIES! GET THE HINT WHEN THEY BLOCK THE POPUPS OF THESE STUPID THINGS!

  • rico

    ba je suis mal barré je comprends pas l anglais mdr