Your Top Vuze Votes Implemented in 4.7.2

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First off, thank you to all the users who submitted ideas to and cast votes on Vote for Vuze!, our feature request forum. We’ve received tons of great ideas, and we’ve been listening! Today, not even a month later, we released an update that includes features that we pulled straight from Vote for Vuze! Here are some of the highlighted features, voted on by users, which went live today:

Improved UI and Functionality for Creating Torrents

This idea (Ability to create a torrent with multi-directory or/and multi-files contents located in various paths on various disk drives) received the most support from our user base, so how could we not implement it?! With this update you get more drag and drop goodness and improvements to the torrent creation flow. Now you can simply drag files located in various directories and/or on different drives and drop them in Vuze. From there, we’ll take care of the rest and create a torrent with all the files you picked.

More Search Templates by Default

torrent search

Voted on second most, users requested more search templates to be added to Vuze by default.  We’ve included 3 new templates by default.  The Internet Archive, which recently made 1,000,000+ movies, books, music, and other media available to the public.  ClearBits, which contains open licensed digital media.  Legit Torrents, which dedicates itself to legit content.

Prevent Computer from Going to Sleep

This has been on “the list” for a while, and user feedback on Vote for Vuze! affirmed that it should have been. For Windows users there’s now no need to worry about a torrent download not finishing because your computer goes to sleep. Simply set Vuze to prevent your computer from going to sleep while downloading torrents or seeding.

torrent download

Requested Interface Changes

Quite a few interface requests came in through Vote for Vuze! Here’s what we implemented:

Displaying Torrent Download ETA in Absolute Time

Thanks to the eta in absolute form idea, download ETAs can be displayed as the time of day the download should finish vs. how much time is left before the torrent download finishes.

download torrents eta

Add File Type as a Column in Library View

From idea Display or give the option to display the file name/extention. Pretty straightforward and now live.

file type view

Status icon/indicator for Vuze Remote connections

From idea Add status area icon to show Vuze Remote activity

DNS Tracker Changes

This wasn’t a user generated request, but Vuze is the first bittorrent client to support the requested bittorrent protocol DNS Tracker Changes in a current release. With this update we’re helping to eliminate unwanted network traffic directed at trackers due to invalid announce URLs configured in torrents.

Other Implemented User Ideas

There were also other Vote for Vuze! generated features that went live today. Here’s a list of the other changes that weren’t highlighted above:

Thanks again for all of the feedback and ideas! Please keep them rolling in!

Vuze Team

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