Introducing Swarm Discovery™

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Countless torrent files spanning an ever-growing spectrum of content make it increasingly difficult for people using other bittorrent apps to cut through the noise find new content that they’ll enjoy and be informed by. Enter Vuze™ 4.8 and Swarm Discoveries, a first for any bittorrent client. Using an automated process to look at the relationships between torrents in your library and those of other users, Swarm Discoveries makes recommendations on other content that you might enjoy and be informed by. It works by looking at the relationship between torrents in the DHT and automatically applies statistical analysis to provide content recommendations. Subsequently, Vuze also now has Swarm Search™, which supplies results based on the various data sets created by Swarm Discoveries. A full explanation can be found on our wiki page, Swarm Discoveries.

We also have been continuing to develop ideas from Vote for Vuze!, our feature request forum (Please keep the ideas coming!*). Here are some of the requests that made it into this release:
  • Automatic detection and full support for 64-bit operating systems (from idea Run in 64 Bit Mode)
  • Prevent computer sleep has been extended to OSX and now encompasses both preventing sleep while streaming (from idea Disable Sleep Mode when Streaming Media to Devices) and video transcoding
  • Prioritization and auto-open for descriptive files in torrents such as .nfo, .txt and .rar files (from idea Auto nfo Reader)
  • Manipulation of tracker lists in a textual format instead of via the GUI widget (from this idea)

We hope you enjoy all the new features, and please let us know what you think or if you run into any issues:

Vuze Team


Vuze stresses that it respects the rights of copyright holders, and hopes and expects that you do too.  Any use of Vuze® or Vuze+ that violates an intellectual property right or any right of a third party is not allowed. Please do not infringe upon copyright.  Content available through Vuze® or Vuze+ may or may not comply with laws, including copyright laws, in your territory or country, and Vuze is not responsible for content you may download or upload. Read more here.

* You agree that you have no ownership interest in any ideas (or inventions), Vuze can use them freely without otherwise compensating you or requiring other formal assignments or licenses from you, and that the ideas do not infringe upon or suggest the infringement upon the rights or interests of any other person or entity.

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