Who Wants SOCKS?!

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This year Vuze is spreading some holiday joy with updates to its SOCKS proxy support along with some other network connection updates with the release of

Let’s start with SOCKS. We vastly improved support to detect proxy server errors and switch to alternatives. We also have added status bar notification and the ability to take a deeper dive into transfer statistics when a SOCKS connection is active. Vuze didn’t only give some love to SOCKS connections but VPN as well. Vuze now includes logic to detect when you are running over a VPN and prompts you explicitly to bind to its interface to increase privacy. Vote for Vuze! also continues to be a fantastic resource for new ideas submitted by our users. These are some of the ideas that made the cut this time around:

Lastly, happy holidays and please let us know if you run into any issues!


Vuze Team

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