More Control of Your Bandwidth

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All of us at Vuze love speed, but sometimes you need to throttle it back a little, so with this release 4.9 we give you even more control of your bandwidth. We’ve added functionality to our speed-limit manager that allows transfer limits to be set on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis – and if those transfer limits are reached Vuze automatically will pause all torrents (from idea limit download or upload for a period) . We’ve also added predefined profiles in the speed-limit manager to make it super simple to block out the times of day you want your torrents running (from idea auto start and stop).  And to ensure you can always see what’s happening, we’ve added optional transfer rates and ETAs to the window title for Windows users (from idea transfer rates in title bar). Two of the other updates included in the release:

  • Stream content from a Vuze client to a Vuze client (from idea allow simple streaming from Vuze to Vuze )
  • Improved UI and UX for viewing meta search results and subsequent torrent details. We actually moved the torrent details to open in your browser. Vuze has had stability issues caused by embedded browser bugs (Internet Explorer please stand up) and had many suggestions to improve this, and we don’t like unhappy users :)

If you have any feedback please let us know –

Or if you you have any other ideas please visit our recommendation forum – Vote for Vuze!

The Vuze Team


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