A History of File Sharing & the Tech That Paved the Way

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Since the dawning of dawn, people shared ideas and information. First, ideas and information were shared by grunts and pointing, and then we sobered up a bit and expressed ourselves in words. Then, really bored monks in abbots, who wished they had just stayed bored when Vikings began doing Viking things to them, painstakingly wrote down words into something called the Bible by hand. Then comes the printing press, yada yada – BOOM – here’s a computer – BAM – there’s the internet. Idea and information sharing becomes typified as file sharing. While it has done revolutionary things for telecommunications, globalization, instantaneous sharing of ideas and history-in-the-making moments, it has also received a lot of guff for disrupting incumbent means of distribution. Let’s take a brief look at the history of things that led to file sharing.

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