Indie Bands With Sad Names & Happy Music Torrents Await You

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Indie bands with sad names and happy music torrents.

Photo by Pete, comedy_nose, Flickr

Indie music has quickly become a dominant music genre since the term was coined in the mid-1980s. What began as a subculture of sound that wanted to separate itself from mainstream rock indie music’s do-it-yourself approach to producing music has amassed a large following of fans and grown into a successful format that truly stands on its own.

It’s difficult to define or classify the precise sound of indie music since it has so many sub-categories. One common trait that it seems to share are the names of indie music bands with depressing group names. Despite their somber monikers these indie music ensembles actually write songs that skew happier than you might expect.

We’ve put together a collection of ten indie bands with sad names but otherwise cheerful lyrics for your listening enjoyment. All music torrents shared below are provided courtesy of the and come, we believe, with artist approval for sharing.

Listed in no particular order, here’s a dose of indie music torrent ear candy for you to enjoy.

1. Death Cab For Cutie

Live at Seattle Center, Seattle, 9/1/2008

2. Black Heart Procession

Live at Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, 1/9/2008

3. Joy Kills Sorrow

Live at Alberta Rose Theater, Portland, 6/6/2013

4. Mouthful of Bees

Live at The Triple Rock Social Club, Minneapolis, 7/7/2007

5. O’Death

Live at Bell House, Brooklyn, 1/15/11

6. The Dead Leaves

Live at Powerhouse, Brisbane, Australia, 3/30/12

7. Throwing Muses

LIve at Town & Country Club, London, 4/2/1991

8. Trampled By Turtles

Live at The State Theater, Eau Claire, WI, 2/7/13

9. Pretty Birds That Kill

Live at Geppetto’s Workshop, Urbana, IL, 4/19/11

10. Your Heart Breaks

Live at Rhino’s, Bloomington, IN, 7/9/06

What are some other indie music bands that you’ve heard of with sad names, but happy songs?


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