11 Of YouTube’s Funniest, Comedy Video Channels

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Funny YouTube video channels.

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One of the more popular forms of entertainment today is watching videos. Although desktop video viewership is declining that’s not the case when it comes to mobile. Access to on-demand content through services like Hulu and Netflix along with social networks and video hosting sites like YouTube, Vimeo and Viddler, make it fast and easy to watch videos from anyone, anytime and anywhere.

Numbers reported by Neilsen show the number of people watching mobile videos in first quarter of 2013 compared to the same time the previous year increased nearly 45 percent. Of the 45.3 million mobile video watchers the majority skews younger with 18 to 24 year olds logging in 27 minutes of viewing per week.

There’s an overwhelming amount of hilarious video footage (and quite a bit of junk too). Here’s a list of YouTube channels that produce consistently solid and funny videos — millions of viewers and subscribers can’t be wrong.

Funniest video channels

Bad Lip Reading

Who knew that sound dub could be so funny and done so well? Sports, television and movies – nothing is off limits with this group.

Above Average Network

The AAN actually has 46 different channels that are comedic-rich. One of its popular network partners is the sketch comedy troupe Harvard Sailing Club. Their channel features an array of videos and is updated semi-regularly.

Barely Political

A little bit of satire, some song parodies and occasional sketches keep this channel fabulously fresh and very funny. They’re Miley Cyrus spoof has more than 19 million views.

Clay Weiner (mittymoo)

A talented comedic writer who has helped create several award winning videos, Clay is the director behind the original ‘Sh$t Girls Say’.

The Lonely Island

This comedy trio comprised of Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer is best known for their hilarious music and videos. Their YOLO video has 52 million views and counting.

7 Minutes In Heaven

Saturday Night Live newcomer Mike O’Brien delivers. His channel features awkward celebrity interviews from his closet.

Jash Network

Another comic coalition — Sarah Silverman, Eric Wareheim, Tim Heidecker, Michael Cera and Reggie Watts — the channel shows videos for each of its talented creators.

Jenna Marbles

Listed as YouTube’s top comedic channel with the most subscribers and billions of video views, 27-year old Jenna takes simple notions about girls and guys and turns them into comic gold.

Rhett & Link

Best known for creating commercials for local businesses that have the ability to go viral this duo also produces other amusing and hilarious videos.


YouTube personality and lip-syncing sensation, Ryan Higa’s channels is a favorite in the comic category. Known for solo efforts and group videos he has more than 1.5 billion views.

Medium Friends

The few videos that are available are hysterical. Truly a talented and funny duo. As their popularity grows perhaps they’ll make more.

What are some of your favorite video channels that you enjoy watching?


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