16 Of The Best Video Game Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

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Video game podcasts.

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No surprise, the video gaming industry is booming. Vivid graphics, enhanced MMORPG and integration of new technology that enhance the video game experience continues to attract players of all ages.

According to the Entertainment Software Association, in 2012 consumers spent $20.7 billion on video games, hardware and accessories. In the US, the average player is 30 years old and has been playing for around 13 years. Astonishingly, out of the 68 percent of Americans who play 45 percent are female based on 2012 data collected from the research firm Ipsos nMediaCT.

Because new game launches tend to happen around the holiday season and to satisfy the video gamer’s cravings to keep up with industry news and happenings, we’ve assembled a collection of standout video game podcasts to listen to.

Feeds and links to video game torrent podcasts are featured below. This collection of video game torrent podcasts is shared in alphabetical order.

1. All Gen Gamers

If retro gaming is your thing then this is your podcast with plenty of nostalgia and feedback that will resonate with vintage game collectors. Modern games are sprinkled in and they group covers all game systems. To keep things fresh a fourth guest host rotates in each week.

 2. Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN or The Nerd)

Creator and host, James Rolfe, shares retro-gaming reviews along with original animated characters and guests based on different famous movie and TV characters. Although AVGN is a web series as opposed to a true podcast, it’s original, entertaining and slated to release a full-length movie in 2013/2014.

3. Big Red Barrelcast

The flagship podcast of BigRedBarrel.com, the hosts stay clear from in-depth game strategies and keep things light. This podcast shines when the hosts have opposing viewpoints about gaming and debate each other about them.

4. Drunken Gamers Radio 

Precisely what the name implies, this podcast is pure entertainment. There’s a considerable amount of swearing that co-mingles with the drink-fueled commentary. Gaming is discussed, but in an unpredictable fashion – you just never know with this rowdy group.

5. Giant Bombcast

Banter, humor and gaming have made this a popular podcast among the video game community. A blend of in-depth gaming knowledge and hilarious dialogue attract a large listening audience and keep them coming back for more.

6. Idle Thumbs

Started in 2004, this podcast has gone through some changes over the years mainly due to its hosts transitioning into different jobs. After a successful Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to revive the podcast it’s been going strong. Listen in on four friends with jobs in video game development as they talk about their gaming experiences and other random topics.

7. Internet Box

A favorite among gamers, this podcast has a free flowing format that feels like you’re listening to a group of friends casually talking about gaming and sharing inside jokes with one another. Unlike most other podcasts with a male-only host panel, Internet Box includes members of the gentler sex. [At the time this post was published Internet Box’s website was down. Follow them on Twitter for updates on the relauch.]

8. One Life Left

Not only is this Europe’s first videogame radio show (broadcast from a London community radio station), but it’s also won the 2009 Game Media Award (GMA) ‘Best Podcast/Broadcast’ award. A blend of comedy sketches, interviews with industry leaders and game reviews make this a well-rounded and truly entertaining videogame podcast.

9. Sarcastic Gamer Podcast

Satire and parodies are the basis of this video game podcast. Infusing fake news with comedy results in attention grabbing and laugh out loud sketches. The podcast has gone through several changes and has stopped and started and changed over the years. Past episodes and semi-regular podcast are available.

10. ScrewAttack’s Sidescrollers

A weekly video podcast that covers general video game news and delivers plenty of laughs along with it. Past shows have talked about losing a limb and what to replace it with, sexy robots and the lethal consequences of twerking. A fast paced and entertaining video podcast week in and week out.

11. Super Joystiq

A consistent podcast that is split into two segments where the first tends to highlight gaming reviews and and previews and the second half moves into gaming news. The result is a comprehensive video game podcast that fuses fun with interesting detail.

12. That Video Game Podcast (TVGP)

Described as a more ‘mature’ podcast – TVGP talks about the video games their currently playing along with their honest opinion of them. Six years running, the podcast’s hosts are not only committed gamers, but faithful podcast publishers. New episodes are uploaded weekly and feature plenty of gaming fodder.

 13. The Game Informer Show (GI)

The great-grandfather of video game podcast, GI has been around since 1991. Needless to say they know their stuff. Often, topics will mirror the current issue of the magazine.

14. The Indoor Kids

One unique aspect of this podcast is that its hosts are married to one another. As a couple who loves video games they bring wit, humor and gaming guests to keep a lively format to their show.

15. Three Moves Ahead 

The Flash of Steel blog’s official podcast and touted as the leading strategy show, Three Moves Ahead is hosted by a crew of seriously, passionate gamers. Interviews with industry guests, discussion on game design and general opinion on war and strategy games are the basis of the show. Listen in for tips and solid gaming conversation.

16. Video Game Jocks

A long time running video game podcast hosted by a group of regular guys that bring humor and ribbing along with game review that aren’t always featured in other podcasts.

Keep in mind that this round-up is completely subjective and there are plenty of other gaming podcasts that others may prefer over what has been shared. If there’s a favorite that’s missing from the line up let us know in the comments below. It may be featured in a future blog post.


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