13 Creative Vine Videos To Kickstart Your Imagination

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Photo by K. Oliver (63544355@N04), Flickr

Photo by K. Oliver (63544355@N04), Flickr

Six seconds. That’s the max length of a Vine video clip. Despite the time limitation people are flocking to the social network and using it to publish innovative video clips for personal enjoyment and professional brands.

Less than a year old, Vine has more than 40 million users and counting. Because it’s a mobile application that’s compatible with smartphones its users tend to skew younger. Regardless of age, watching Vine clips to pass time while you’re on the go is a decent way to discover content and share it with friends and family.

With so many Vine clips available it can be overwhelming at times. We’ve pulled together some of the more creative Vine videos to make discovering new content a bit easier.

Vine clips are being shared via the Vine social share option and we believe they do not infringe on copyright. Clips are part of Vine’s user-generated content platform and Vuze is not responsible for what individual clip creators have included within their published videos. Vuze encourages users of Vine to share Vines responsibly and avoid distributing clips that could contain questionable violations of rights of privacy, defamation or trademark or copyright infringement. Please view and share responsibly.

The Vine video clips below are in no particular order. Enjoy!

Tee Ken Ng

Mesmerizing pretty much sums up Tee Ken Ng’s Vines. You’ll wonder how he made them and wish that you could watch more than just six seconds worth of these beyond clever videos.


Not your average stick guy. Stickman enjoys playing sports, watering flowers and he’s even been known to catch a cold every now and again. What makes him different is that his animator interacts with him in every clip. A must see!

Hunter Harrison

Harrison is taking Vines to a whole new level. A professional videographer, he applies his creative talents to developing amusing Vines. The Vine shared below reflects his morning routine a la Lego.

Jethro Ames

Jethro is one of the most followed Viners for a reason. In addition to developing his own inventive Vines he also revines great content from others. Here’s a food-based Vine starring a parachuting and surfing Nutter Butter cookie.

Meagan Cignoli

Vines by Meagan are unique masterpieces. She doesn’t follow a particular theme and allows her imagination to taker her where it will. Once you start watching her creations you’ll have a tough time turning away.

Nicholas Megalis

Known as a Vine God, Nicholas churns out catchy jingles that you can’t get out of your head. In fact, he’s become so popular (and recognizable) that brands are flocking to him for his talents.

Ian Padgham

Ian is a filmmaker by trade and a gifted Viner on the side. He has several videos that feature a wooden mannequin in various vignettes. In this Vine, #woodman is featured building a clay version of himself.


This Vine celebrity is best known for blending his pencil sketch animation with live action video. The result are brilliant videos that showcase his background in art and love for his family.


Australian designer, Matt Wilis, is the stop motion genius behind this Vine profile. Taking in-animate objects and bringing them to life with hi-tech features is YellDesign’s specialty. Without a doubt, these Vines are intriguing and entertaining.


These Vines take simple charcoal sketches and transform them into woodcut carvings in mere seconds.

Brock Davis

Most of this creative mastermind’s Vines use food as a muse. Minimalistic, original and whimsical, Brock uses food and stop motion to publish mixed media treasures.

Khoa Pan

Who knew that you could manipulate construction paper to produce incredible Vine clips? Apparently, Khoa did. Even more amazing is that unlike other Viners, Khoa doesn’t have a true digital background. For a dabbler he’s spot on.

Mike Bennett

Funny and creative, Bennett reenacts famous movie scenes through his Vines using paper cutouts and soundclips. In this Vine he features a scene from Jurassic Park where the dilophosaurus spits venom into the face of actor Wayne Knight.

For more information regarding Vine clips, please refer to their Terms of Service.

What type of Vine content do you enjoy the most? Is there a favorite hashtag that you use to search for new Vines? Let us know.


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  • gubatron

    Cool selection Sarah!
    I’ve spent probably 2 hours browsing Vine’s comedy section, some really good people there with millions of followers.

    Goes to show the power of that FREE user generated content to entertain millions of followers.

    • http://blog.vuze.com/ Vuze Blog

      Thanks, Gubatron! There’s so many incredible Vines that it made it tough to narrow the post down to only a small few. Hoping to revisit other categories in the near future and share more.

      Happy Vining and I’m glad that this helped you others to discover new UGC from Vine. :)

  • Mike Bennett

    Wow, honored to be on this list! Thank you so much!

    • http://blog.vuze.com/ Vuze Blog

      You are so welcome, Mike. Truly enjoy your Vines and appreciate your talent. Thanks for reading the post. :)

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