Movember Tumblrs For Mustache Inspiration & Fun

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Photo by Tinker Tailor, Flickr

Photo by Tinker Tailor, Flickr

The month of the mustache has arrived — it’s Movember. A portmanteau stemming from mustache and November, Movember is a month-long celebration geared toward raising awareness of men’s health issues and the global charities that support them. Through the Movember Foundation men are encouraged to schedule check-ups for early cancer detection, such as prostate, in an effort to diagnose and reduce the number of preventable deaths.

Since Movember launched in 2004, it’s motivated people worldwide to rally around the cause. And, apparently mustaches aren’t just exclusive to Movember. The microblogging platform and social networking website, Tumblr, hosts more than 139.4 million blogs some of which are mustache-centric. An average of 86.1 million posts are made eacyday and combing through (no pun intended) them in search of mustache blogs is no easy feat.

To demonstrate solidarity and show support of Mo Bros near and far, we’re sharing a collection of Movember Tumblrs dedicated to the mustache.

As always, Tumblrs are being shared based on Tumblr’s terms of service. Tumblr content shared are forms of creative expression from individual Tumblr account users. We do not believe that these Tumblrs infringe on copyright or are in violation of privacy. Please refer to Tumblr’s copyright policy for procedures on reporting any instances of wrongful use under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Without further adieu, here’s a round-up of mustache-based Tumblrs for MO-tivation in Movember.

Cats That Look Like Ron Swanson

Pretty much what it sounds like, this Tumblr feed features felines that resemble Nick Offerman’s character Ron Swanson from NBC’s sitcom, Parks & Recreation.

Tumblr for Movember. Cats That Look Like Ron Swanson.

The Cat With A Mustache

A kitty named Mustache that is photographed doing typical cat things, stretching, curling up in a basket, sun bathing and showing off a meow-stache. Too much?


Fuck Yeah Handlebar Mustaches

There’s zero question that this Tumblr is for serious stache supporters. Their tagline sums it up perfectly — The greatest thing on a man’s face. Besides his beard, of course.


Michael Cera’s Mustache

A mustache Tumblr that combines a dash of humor and with a dose of celebrity.


Astronauts With Mustache

If you’ve been to outer space or are connected to a space program in some capacity then chances are you might be featured on this Tumblr.


Put a Mustache On It

Reza Faraha’s Tumblr is devoted to everything and anything that has a mustache. Shoes, cars, cocktail glasses and other objects adorn his Tumblr posts.


I Heart Mustache

A solid mustache Tumblr that celebrates a love of mustaches through images and animated GIFs. It’s not updated often, but still has a good content to browse.


The Mustaches

Focused on bringing men and mustaches together, this Tumblr is collection of stache-selfies that run the gambit of mustache style.


FY Fake Mustaches

This Tumblr skews more female and showcases mustaches used on jewelry, fingernails and other artsy pieces. Cute bonus: your cursor turns into a mustache when you click around their feed.



Strange and unusual images of famous mustache owners and general Joes that are merged with smaller images of themselves in this odd Tumblr.


Mustaches And Baseball

Bridging sport with stache. Simply put.


Girls With Fake Mustaches On OK Cupid

Girls from the well-known dating site that are having fun with, you guessed it, fake mustaches.








Are you active in any local Movember events? Do you have any Movember traditions that you follow? Tell us about them below.

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