New Client Update Available! Vuze 5.2 Is Here!

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Photo by Castorgirl, Flickr

Photo by Castorgirl, Flickr

Just in time for the holidays, Vuze is thrilled to announce the release of Vuze 5.2. This update to the torrent client software includes user interface improvements, core client enhancements and minor bug fixes.

What Updates Are Included In Vuze 5.2?

Vuze 5.2 includes several enhancements and improvements. Highlighted below are some of the latest features and benefits found in Vuze 5.2.

Torrent tagging

Better organization of torrents files is possible with the introduction of color-coding for tags (color is applied to the sidebar for the tag; a new column is available in library view showing the color(s) associated with the tag(s) that a torrent is tagged with), as well as a no-tag table for torrents that have yet to be tagged. In addition, tags now include a ‘do not transcode’ option for torrent files that are automatically assigned to a device.

Torrent files

Several improvements have been made to the torrent file experience overall. Users can specify a folder destination for torrents once download is complete. Torrent files receive batch number prioritization and users can also choose which file type to download, such as .avi, .mp4 and others.


The torrent client software now has a menu option in the notification area to dismiss all notifications.

Language updates

Brazilian Portuguese, Basque and Spanish language updates have been implemented.

Click here for a complete list of new features.

What Fixes Are In Vuze 5.2?

The Vuze 5.2 release also fixes several bugs that have been reported in the previous version of the torrent client software. A summary of fixes are shared below:

  • Persist column add/remove via header menu
  • Table structure change was losing a tag listener and subsequently failing to update correctly
  • Multiple concurrent torrent additions causing duplicate dialogs
  • Unloading a plugin was causing a second plugins images to be disposed
  • Search bar was truncating long URIs
  • Magnet plugin wasn’t handling URIs with ‘xt’ sections properly
  • Removed blocking call to get public IP address from initialization path
  • Respect ‘do not activate UI’ on download addition
  • Fixed end-game-mode looping bug
  • Lots of minor fixes detected by Coverity static code analysis tool
  • Improved performance of timer event handling
  • Fixed ‘upload only’ message support
  • Prevent a hanging UPnP device from blocking caller
  • Handle separators other than ‘-‘ when parsing port ranges
  • Remove unnecessary retry on downloads that will most likely fail identically
  • Alert audio files weren’t playing when contained in folders with certain characters or symbols in name
  • Option to have multiple torrent-options screens on a single dialog as opposed to separate dialogs per torrent
  • Automatic application of tracker templates on a per-tag basis (to merge, replace and remove trackers)
  • Automatic tagging of downloads based on their trackers

How Do I Download Vuze 5.2 Or Update My Existing Version?

Existing Vuze users will be prompted by the torrent client software to install the update when they launch the client. Remember, Vuze Plus provides additional client features such as, DVD burning, anti-virus protection and play of in progress downloads, as well as an ad-free experience.

Please let us know what you think about Vuze 5.2 and don’t forget to share ideas on features that you’d like to see in the future by visiting

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Sarah Hartshorn is a marketing, public relations and social media professional with Vuze. She blogs about content, torrents, social media and a number of other tech topics. Sarah has been involved with traditional and digital marketing since 1998.
  • Darren

    My 5.1 client is not prompting me to get an update. Also when I select check for updates, it says there are no updates available.

  • Tony C

    I agree with Darren,
    Although I receive Vuze blog via e-mails regular and the latest one tells me of a 5.2 upgrade available, my 5.1 Vuze plus account tells me no upgrade is available.
    How do I upgrade?

  • Gordon Shugars

    Vuse_5.2.0.0_win32.exe does not open the installation wizard. It hangs. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  • mrburns

    I just downloaded the update and none of my torrents will play. not impressed

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