20 Surprising Shakespeare Facts Infographic And Book Torrents

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Photo by Maguis & David, Flickr

Photo by Maguis & David, Flickr

Considered one of the greatest writers of all time, William Shakespeare was a respected English playwright and poet that produced an amazing body of work that continues to captivate and entertain readers to this day. His comedies, tragedies, histories and prose have left a long lasting impression in both literature and pop-culture.

As famous as Shakespeare remains, his life was not always without complication. Accused of not authoring the works that have been attributed to him and practicing Catholicism during a time when it was illegal are just some of the negative areas that Shakespeare was confronted with.

Regardless of whether you enjoy or abhor the Bard of Avon he remains an amazing writer and contributor to literature. We’ve scrounged up some interesting factoids about the man behind the quill and assembled them in a short infographic below.

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Shakespeare book torrents

The Winter’s Tale [Comedy], William Shakespeare

Hamlet [Tragedy], William Shakespeare

Richard III [History], William Shakespeare

Venus and Adonis [Poems], William Shakespeare

Shakespeare infographic



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