Apps To Help Declutter Your Digital Life

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Photo by Rina Pitucci (Tilling 67), Flickr

It’s a new year, a new day and time for some new resolutions. Instead of choosing from the stable of typical declarations for 2014 — lose weight, quit [fill in the blank], save more money — how about starting with organization. Not the clean-out-your-closet or make-more-room-in-the-garage types of arrangement, but more of a digital declutter to reduce stress and simplify things.

Thanks to some clever mobile apps instilling electronic harmony is now available right in the palm of your hand.

Unfuck Your Habitat

declutter_your_digital_life_ufyh If you’re house looks more like an episode of Hoarders you’ll love this app. UfYH app helps you organize your household tasks through a ‘to-unfuck list’ and it includes unfucking challenges for different rooms. Ultimately the app strives to deliver ‘terrifying motivation for lazy people with messy homes’. By using different mini-challenges, like changing bath towels, to the 20/10 timer (20 minutes of unfucking followed by a 10-minute break) this app makes chores easier to tackle.

Also, the Random Unfucking Motivation button provides various verbal thrashings, such as ‘That pile of stuff over there is judging you’ and ‘The Internet will still be there in 20 minutes’ for an extra kick in the pants.

Available on iTunes and Google Play for $1.99.


declutter_your_digital_life_chorma Pronounced chore-ma, this super handy app is great for families, roommates or just about any living situation where more than one person is responsible for daily upkeep.

Chorma uses a proprietary account to set things up and members are added via email invite. Once the household is created chores can be assigned and users can login to view progress and collaborate on tasks. Points can be earned for completing chores and used to redeem individual or group prizes. This feature is available in the paid version only for $1.99 per month or $19.99 per year.

Free version is available in iTunes.


declutter_your_digital_life_manilla Today, the average consumer carries two credit cards and has around six bank accounts, which include student loans, retirement, brokerage, checking and others. Needless to say, staying on top of balances and bills can be challenging. Manilla is an app that helps users take charge of their accounts and centralize statements, subscriptions and more.

By integrating all your accounts into one app users only have to remember one login in order to access. There are many other finance apps available within the space, but Manilla features a provider connection so that users can connect directly to creditor websites through the apps interface.

Available for free in iTunes and Google Play.

Grocery iQ

declutter_your_digital_life_groceryiq The Grocery iQ app is a free grocery app that has many of the features that you’d expect from a paid product. An extensive database of items and built-in scanner make quick-work when building shopping lists. You can add users to your shopping list and sync updates with them so that everyone is connected to items needed, quantities, brands and more.

App is free in iTunes and Google Play.






Whether you have children of your own, an extended family, teach kids or take part in child programs and extracurricular activities as a volunteer, you’re bound to be the recipient of tons of artwork from little ones. With ArtKive you’re able to take snapshots of artwork, store by date, label by child age and grade and share it with others of your choosing. This app does a great job on minimizing the muddle of artwork and preserving it for the future with just a few simple clicks. You could also use this app to store your own projects for school or for group work too.

App is free in iTunes and Google Play.


declutter_your_digital_life_everest Last but not least is the Everest app. If anything, this one app will help motivate you to take advantage of downloading and implementing the apps showcased above. With Everest, users can set goals, work toward achieving dreams and change personal habits through its interface. Think of it like a task management but with personal accountability baked in. Users can also sync up with other users to follow common goals like run a marathon or become a master chef.

App is free in iTunes.



How do you think this collection of apps can help you declutter your digital life? Are there others that should have been included? Let us know in the comments below.

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