Fashion Book Torrents From The Past Lead To Wearable Tech Of The Future

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Last week’s annual Consumer Electronic Show (CES 2014) in Las Vegas was packed with innovative tech, hot new gadgets and electronic start-ups showing off their wares.

One of the standout categories that received quite a bit of media attention was wearable tech. Everything from Pebble Steel’s smartwatch to CSR’s customizable, Bluetooth jewelry was spotlighted along with speculation about how tech may transform modern fashion as we know it.

Considering what debuted as wearable tech it’s evident that we’ve come a long way since the days of corsets, epaulettes, bustles and pith helmets. Throughout history fashion trends have come and gone, some stranger than others — who can forget Lady Gaga’s meat dress. Going back even further, in the 15th century courtesans in Venice wore platform shoes called chopines, which were up to 20 inches tall.

Now that we’ve seen what the fashionable future looks like at CES, how about remembering some of the clothing customs from the past. Check out the collection of fashion book torrents shared below for a fun fashion history lesson. All the following books are believed to be in the pubic domain.

Fashion book torrents

Dame Fashion, Julius M. Price

Fashion’s Slaves, B.O. Flower

Fashion In Paris, Octave Uzanne

A History of Feminine Fashion (catalog)

Illustrated Almanac of Fashion, Charles Stokes

Are they any fashion trends that you’d like to make a comeback? How about fashion that you’re glad to see has gone out of style? Let us know in the comments below.

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