William Hope Hodgson Book Torrents Tell Ghost Ship Tales

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Vuze presents a curated collection of William Hope Hodgson book torrents.

If you’re unfamiliar with English author William Hope Hodgson you’re missing out. He created a vast body of work comprised of novels and short fictional stories that are still well read and admired today.

As an experienced sailor, some of his horror stories take place on the ocean. These tales have collectively become know as the Sargasso Sea stories and they contributed to Hodgson’s commercial success as a writer. During his time at sea he was bullied, and as a result, became a well-known body builder.

Many modern authors have cited Hodgson as an influence, including Iain Sinclair and China Miéville. Copyright protection has now expired on most of Hodgson’s work, with the exception of some of the works published posthumously, including many of his poems.

Get ready to read some cosmic sci-fi and fantasy and experience Hodgson for yourself. All book torrents below are believed to be in the public domain. Enjoy!

William Hope Hodgson book torrents

The House on the Borderland (1921)

The Boats of the “Glen Carrig” (1907)

The Night Land (1921)

The Ghost Pirates (1909) – audio version

Carnacki, The Ghost Finder (1913)

Have you read any other books by William Hope Hodgson? What was your favorite? Please share with us in the comments below.

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