7 Of The Best Lego Videos On YouTube

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7 of the best Lego videos that will make you laugh.

The colorful, interlocking plastic bricks known as Legos have been popular among children and adults for more than 67 years. However, the Danish carpenter and creator of Legos, Ole Kirk Christiansen, actually began constructing toys back in 1932 and the Lego Group was formed two years later. To date, Lego has produced more than 560 billion parts, which span thousands of themed sets, including castles, Wild West, pirates and others.

The company has developed into a global brand and well-regarded toy that has been used in classrooms for education and featured in books, film, video games, television and even in retail locations and theme parks. With the introduction of social media, Lego has gone on to reach even more audiences through amateur videos and parodies some of which have millions of views.

Lego parodies cover everything from movie trailers to music videos and labeling them as best or worst is subjective to the viewer’s tastes. For fun and for killing a bit of time we found a handful of the best Lego videos that are both amusing and well-choreographed. Happy viewing!

7 of the best Lego video parodies

1. Last Of Us

Last of Us is a video game developed by Naughty Dog and it’s also received a Lego mock-up courtesy of animator Brian Anderson. Gamers are buzzing about this parody and requesting a Lego version of the game.

2.  The Mocking Dead

If you’re a zombie fan  (and who isn’t these days) then you’ll want to watch this Lego parody. It features the well-known characters of Carl, Daryl and a zombie or two and it’s short, sweet and entertaining to boot.

3. The Avengers

In this Lego parody created by Custard Productions, the Incredible Hulk is scolded by his crime fighting partners for his reckless, smashing ways. Like they say, it’s not easy being green.

4. Orcs from the Lord of the Rings

Logging in with almost one million views, this parody highlights the humanity behind the malevolent, warlike Orcs. Depicted as vial, miserable creatures from Middle Earth, Orcs have good intentions, but sadly, are just misunderstood.

5. The Blues Brothers – Mall Chase

What began as sketch on NBC’s long-running comedy show, Saturday Night Live, The Blue Brothers were an American blues revival band. Actors Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi performed under the pseudonyms Elwood and Jake, respectively, and made regular appearance at music festivals worldwide. This parody is a recreation of the car chase scene from their 1980 film.

6. Game Of Thrones – Death Of Ned Stark

Ummm…doesn’t the title sum it all up? Truly one of the saddest moments for GOT fans everywhere and this Lego farce captures all the pain that viewers felt in under a minute. A moment of silence, please.

7. Bohemian Rhapsody

Time consuming along with attention to detail, this video pays homage to legendary British rock band, Queen, and it doesn’t miss a beat (excuse the pun).

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