Listen To Indie Band Rio Rio’s New Album For Free

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Download and listen to Rio Rio music.

We’ve decided to share an awesome dose of new music that’s bound to make your Monday more tolerable and your music player even happier. Situated in San Francisco, Rio Rio is an up and coming indie-pop band that is making waves in the city by the bay. And just because you might not live near the home of the Golden Gate Bridge it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy their dance-infused sounds from right where you are.

Rio Rio builds a sonic ethos that is impossible to resist. Filled with flirtatious guitar riffs and savvy synthesizer interludes Rio Rio understands how to bring authentic beats and heartfelt lyrics together in one fantastic compilation. The band’s emulates a sound similar to other well-known indie artists, Passion Pit, The Drums or Broken Bells.

If you’re interested in experiencing the soaring melodies of Rio Rio for yourself you’re in luck! The band is offering their entire new album, Light Parade, completely for free. Download the album and listen, but be forewarned, it’s highly addicting. The Gorilla Gorilla track is clocking in with more than 67,000 plays.

Click the image below to listen to indie band Rio Rio’s album.

Download Rio Rio's new music album.

To learn more about Rio Rio, including upcoming releases and shows, visit their website or their official Facebook page. Don’t forget to support Rio Rio by buying their music on iTunes too.

Happy listening!

Please note that even though Rio Rio is making downloadable music available for free it might not be ok for you to re-distribute that music without permission.


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