8 Irish Authors To Download And Read For Irish American Heritage Month

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Download and read 19th century Irish authors and their books.

Apart from the many famous, contemporary Irish authors, like Frank McCourt and Colum McCann, there are countless others from the 19th century that are worth adding to your bookshelf of must-reads.

In the past, many of Irish authors wore more than one hat when it came to their craft. For instance, Edmund Burke was not only an author, but also an orator and political theorist that has been viewed as the founder of modern conservatism. Oliver Goldsmith was both a novelist and poet and is often cited as the source who coined the term “goody two shoes.”

To celebrate Irish-American Heritage Month and to broaden you’re the Irish author section of your personal library we’re sharing eight novels from Irish Authors that you probably haven’t read, but should. All books are believed to be in the public domain. Enjoy!

A Mummer’s Wife, George Moore

Molly Bawn, Margaret Hamilton

Ormond, Maria Edgeworth

John Dorrien, Julia Kavanagh

Book of Gilly, Emily Lawless

In Glass Darkly, J. Sheridan Le Fanu

The Book of the Boudoir, Lady Morgan (Sydney Owenson)

The Diamond Lens, Fitz James O’Brien

Do you have any favorites Irish authors that are less well known? What do you admire or dislike about their writing style? Tell us in the comments below.

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