Brian Harmon’s Free Novel Rushed Is Here

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Download Brian Harmon's free novel Rushed.

Brian Harmon’s novel Rushed is a dark adventure that fans of the horror genre will find refreshing. An independent author with a fresh take on the macabre, Harmon tends to craft stories about fictitious, original creatures from the depths of his imagination. Good to know in case anyone as hoping for a plotline that features the usual suspects — werewolves, vampires, zombies.

In Rushed, the protagonist, Eric, leads a fairly mundane life until he’s suddenly plagued with a recurring dream where he’s left with a residual feeling upon waking of being late. Eric spend the remainder of the story on an unknown path where he attempts to seek resolution. Beyond some of the uncomfortable and graphic passages there’s a striking and unique story that will hold your attention and interest level.

Download the Amazon Kindle edition of Rushed for free and see what nearly 1,700 reviewers are calling an awesome and terrifying novel.

To read more of Brian Harmon’s novels visit his website. Stay connected with him on Twitter for news on upcoming projects.

Happy reading!

Please note that even though Brian Harmon is making his downloadable book available for free it might not be ok for you to re-distribute that book. Any mention by us of any content is in support of the copyrights holders, and we discourage copyright infringement

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