Update! Vuze Bittorrent Client 5.4 Released

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Vuze Bittorrent Client 5.4 has been released.

(Audible drumroll sound) Vuze Bittorrent Client 5.4 has officially launched! (Cue wild cheering and thundering applause) We’ve taken feedback from the Vuze community and used it to make some updates, add in new features and enhance our torrent desktop client for users. This free update will install automatically for existing Vuze users and is included in the download package for all new users.

What’s included in Vuze 5.4?

Here’s the skinny on what we’ve got in Vuze 5.4.

User Interface

  • Added ‘force start’ and ‘super seeding’ options to the create-torrent wizard
  • File filter added to torrent-options dialog
  • Minimum/Target share ratio setters added to column menu and torrent options view
  • Added ‘SHA1′ column to files-view
  • Added a default save directory to apply when ‘best guess’ is enabled and nothing matches
  • File path names can now be entered into the search box to open the torrent
  • New column showing the date of completion of the most recent file
  • Added ‘initial tags’ to the create-torrent wizard
  • Enabled networks can now be specified in torrent-options dialog
  • Added an ‘apply to current’ function to tags with initial-save/move-on-complete set
  • Added ‘availability’ button to torrent-options to allow a torrent’s availability to be checked before addition
  • Tag buttons can now be enabled in Library view; category buttons can be hidden
  • Added ‘pause for’ option for selected torrents in Library view via Advanced menu

Client Core

  • Added simple tag constraint language (e.g. to define a tag that contains downloads whose title matches a regex)
  • BEP 40: Canonical Peer Priority
  • Added ‘copy-on-complete’ function to tags
  • HTTPS support for web-seeds
  • Speed limit handler can now start/stop downloads assigned to particular tags

Click here to view a complete list of changes, bug fixes and other updates in Vuze 5.4.

Don’t forget that if you’re looking for a more robust bittorrent client you can upgrade to Vuze Plus. Vuze Plus provides additional client features such as, DVD burning, anti-virus protection and play of in progress downloads, as well as an ad-free experience.

Please let us know what you think about Vuze 5.4 and don’t forget to share ideas on features that you’d like to see in upcoming releases by visiting vote.vuze.com.

Photo Credit: k bost via CC

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Sarah Hartshorn is a marketing, public relations and social media professional with Vuze. She blogs about content, torrents, social media and a number of other tech topics. Sarah has been involved with traditional and digital marketing since 1998.