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Keith Deininger is a longtime dark fantasy author that is a must-add to your author line-up. He began writing at a young age and was inspired to continue the craft when he won first place in a writing contest in high school. Since that time Deininger has gone on to pen several novels, novellas and poetry.

A self-described nerd, Deininger plays Dungeons and Dragons and is a voracious Magic card collector for many years, including competitively and in tournaments. The closest he ever came to playing sports was community youth soccer and hacky sack with his friends. Most members of his family are either scientists or engineers.

In his short story My Little Children he weaves a haunting tale about sometimes the past can be just as horrifying as the present.

Download Deininger’s free ebook My Little Children and leave a monetary tip if you like what you read to help support the author. Follow him on Twitter for updates on future novels and short stories.

Happy reading!

Please note that even though Keith Deininger is making his downloadable book available for free it might not be ok for you to re-distribute that book. Any mention by us of any content is in support of the copyrights holders, and we discourage copyright infringement.

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