AllCast Streams & Mirrors Your Android to PC & More

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Mirror your Android and stream to other devices too.

Android continues to be a dominating mobile platform with Gartner projecting Android sales to approach one billion sometime this year. High device demand is also what drives creative app development to help fill in the voids. People expect their devices to deliver more than just email, text and games. They want a convenient content experience that they can view alone or share with others. Thankfully the AllCast app recognizes this and is here to help.

The AllCast app lets you send just about any form of media — music, videos, photos — on your Android device directly to your TV. You can stream through Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV and many, many more. Additionally, you can also stream from your Android device straight to your PC or tablet too.

If you want a more comfortable viewing experience you can watch videos from your Android smartphone directly on your tablet. Another great feature is the ability to mirror your Android screen. You can show friends, family or co-workers how to navigate an unfamiliar app, adjust settings on their own Android or view content on a larger screen.


You can also use AllCast for Google Music casting and listen to your favorite playlists via your other devices. Love it!

There are two versions of the AllCast app, paid and free. The free version has a five-minute cap on viewing along with splash screens and advertisements. Paid version will set you back $4.99, which is a fairly reasonable price point considering the app’s capabilities.

If you’ve used or are using AllCast let us know what you think. We want to hear from you — good, bad, ugly.

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Photo Credit: Camil Tulcan via CC

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