Blade Universal Tablet Lock Can Secure Devices

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Secure devices with the Blade universal tablet lock. In a device driven world where we’re all digitally connected to one another it’s nearly impossible to imagine life without a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Chances are you own one some or all of these types of these tech gadgets and you’ve probably made a reasonable financial investment into them. Whether your laptop’s for work or your tablet’s for personal use it’s important to keep them safe and secure.

Thankfully, the Blade is here to make things easier and give you some peace of mind when it comes to device protection. The Blade is a universal tablet lock that features a retractable ‘blade-like’ design that is used in conjunction with a cable-tether system and combination lock to secure your device.

Using an industrial-grade adhesive that can withstand up to 150 pounds of force, the Blade is placed on to the back of your device. It requires about seven inches of space, which may eliminate us with certain smartphone brands based on their size. Once the Blade is put in place you’re able to attach a cable tether and voila—device is secured.

The Blade is moderately priced and available for purchase through Compulocks. A good option for anyone that’s looking for some extra protection or a way to thwart tech thieves.

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