A Quick Way To Find Your Lost Or Stolen Android

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Android device manager can help find lost or stolen Android.

Unfortunately, many of us have probably been in the unfortunate situation of realizing that a personal belonging (or even identity) has been stolen. And when it comes to thievery smartphones are one of the most commonly nabbed items. According to Consumer Reports’ 2014 Annual State of the Net Survey nearly 3.1 million smartphones were stolen in 2013, which is a number that doubled from the previous year.

For Android users there’s a little known smartphone feature that can be used to help you retrieve your stolen device, plus access recent data back up too. The Android Device Manager feature can be used to find both smartphones and tablets and it can remotely wipe or purge all your data if need be.

In addition to data deletion you can lock your Android and set a password PIN for better security. You can also ring your phone, which is another handy option in the event that you’ve misplaced it (couch cushions, anyone).

Easiest way to enable is by visiting www.google.com/android/devicemanager to scroll all the Android devices that belong to you. You’ll be able to set a device name, such as Android Work Tablet or My Android Phone. Should your Android device ever become lost or stolen you’d head over to this same URL to find or delete its data.

Adding a new device is super easy too. Visit Google Play and install the Android Device Manager application. The app allows you to track, manage and remove data across all your devices.

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