Online Anonymity – Weekly Content Round-Up

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Weekly content round-up focusing on online anonymity.

Online anonymity drives lively debates between those who support it and others who oppose it. Depending on which camp you reside in there are strong and justifiable opinions and observations from each side. Here are some of our favorite online anonymity articles that express both viewpoints for some well-balanced coverage.

The danger of online anonymity

By Eric Barton for BBC

Transparency is important when it comes to technology, however research demonstrates that most people will exercise dishonesty and behave poorly when anonymity is applied. The question of where to draw the line between online anonymity and exposure is a matter of ethics that are explored in this post.

Quote from the post

“The internet especially gives people the feeling of anonymity, as if they can get away with it without anybody knowing who did it.”

Is online anonymity a fundamental right, or a national threat?

By Simona Weinglass for Geektime

As private companies continue to spy and watch us online for profit and governments become more involved in surveillance and cyberspying it’s becoming more difficult for the average citizen to maintain personal privacy and online anonymity.

Quote from the post

“Edward Snowden revealed how the U.S. and UK governments conduct massive surveillance of their own citizens.  Within governments themselves, there is a battle over whether to ban encryption and anonymous Internet use or preserve it as a fundamental right.”

AnonyStik Online Anonymity Solution Launches On Kickstarter (video)

By Julian Horsey for Geeky Gadgets

A new crowdfunded USB drive has launched on Kickstarter. The AnonyStik aims to preserve online anonymity, privacy and security for users for want an extra layer of protection when they’re browsing the web.

Quote from the post

“The AnonyStik supports both Mac and PC systems and provides secure and private browsing, IP masking and anonymous browsing as well as the ability to secure and encrypted documents and files anywhere you may be.”

Zoku app offers perfect blend of anonymity for social networking

By Murray Newlands for Digital Journal

A new app brings online anonymity together with social media to create a safe place to express ideas, share thoughts and network with other like-minded individuals without fear of backlash or reprisal.

Quote from the post

“Fortunately, there are still some social networking developers who understand the appeal of being anonymous. After all, this enables users to combine the best aspects of social networking and a secret-sharing app without putting themselves at risk.”

Yik Yak and Online Anonymity Are Good for College Students

By Wired Opinion for Wired

A pro online anonymity piece that examines how all the negativity surrounding the anonymous messaging app Yik Yak isn’t as bad as some make it out to be.

Quote from the post

“Anonymity also affords students the ability to take creative risks they otherwise wouldn’t take.”

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