3 Linux Email Clients As Thunderbird Alternatives

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Linux email clients that aren't Thunderbird.

Although it may appear that most of us are checking email via mobile apps or browser based extensions there are still plenty of folks who rely on good old-fashioned desktop email clients. If you happen to be a Linux user you’re probably using the highly popular Thunderbird email client and if you aren’t then we’re betting that you’ve heard about it. But, in today’s post we decided to mix things up and showcase three open source Thunderbird alternatives for Linux that are worth exploring.


One of the newer Linux email clients is Geary and it’s becoming a preferred choice among those who want the combination of a clean interface and a lightweight product. At this time, Geary supports POP3 and IMAP interfaces along with auto-configuration of Gmail, Yahoo and other online email accounts.

Claws Mail

A feature-filled Linux email client Claws Mail gets the job done. There are plugins available for RSS, calendar and other necessities and its interface is fairly configurable. As far as open source email clients go Claws Mail ain’t too shabby.


Despite some of the buggy aspects that appear some users complain about, Kmail remains a continued favorite among dedicated KDE users. Although Kmail is rich in features its also difficult to configure. Getting all the various Kmail components (i.e. address book, calendar, etc.) to sync and work together can be tough, but not impossible. If you can forgo the accessories the email client by itself is super.

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