WaferApp Allows Easy File Sharing Across Everything

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WaferApp helps with easy file sharing.

Even though technology has helped simplify some aspects of daily living its also caused a few headaches. Especially among those of us who have files stored in multiple locations. A few on a tablet, a ton on the smartphone and oodles on the laptop—sound familiar? And if you’re sick of syncing files to the cloud or emailing yourself a file from one device or another then you’ll be interested to know that there’s help.

A simple tool called WaferApp has been developed to make it super simple to fileshare from your desktop to your smartphone or to your tablet. To transfer a file from your smartphone to your desktop all you do is tap, or bump your smartphone to trigger the transfer. And then you’re done.

WaferApp uses a combination of technical processes to make things work. Phone sensors are engaged to feel the tap (or shake) to initiate sharing the file up into the cloud. A unique algorithm connects the file from the cloud to your second device. After your file leaves the cloud it is removed, meaning that WaferApp doesn’t store any of your data.

For WaferApp to work you must be willing to share your location so that the algorithm can locate and connect your devices during execution of filesharing. This may raise privacy concerns, however, WaferApp employs RSA 2048 encryption for all files being shared and filesharing may fail if a perfect identification match between devices isn’t identified. It’s uncertain whether or not files can be intercepted or uploaded to an incorrect destination/device.

Lastly, WaferApp only works with your files. In other words, you can’t use WaferApp to share or exchange files with another. The service only works among your own personal devices and computer.

WaferApp is free to use and still in early stages of development. Visit Google Play to download.

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