Unsubscribe To Unwanted Emails With Unroll.me

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Unroll.me will unsubscribe you for unwanted emails for free.

When it comes to blessings and curses email can be both, and for anyone who’s held the same email address for years you probably know the chaos of an inbox. Mailing lists and subscriptions can quickly get out of control until it’s nearly impossible to sift through what’s important and what’s not.

A free service called Unroll.me hopes to change all that and give you back control of your inbox and any unwanted emails. Visit Unroll.me, enter your email address and the service will comb through your inbox and present you with a list of identified subscriptions. Depending on how many you have this process could take awhile, but there is an option to have Unroll.me email you once the process has completed.

After your subscription list has been built you’ll need to scan through and identify the email subscriptions that you want to add to your ‘rollup’. The rollup feature in Unroll.me is how you manage the subscriptions that actually matter to you. Rollups are daily digests that are consolidated and sent to you. You can quickly scan and then purge when you’re finished.

Unroll.me is a fantastic service that works unbelievably well. It makes quick work of inbox clutter and will free up your time so you can read emails that are important to you.

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