Snoopwall Can See If Your Apps Are Spying On You

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SnoopWall can see if apps are spying on you.

When you thinking about the thousands of apps that are available and how many you’ve either downloaded or have currently running on your devices it’s kinda overwhelming. We use apps to help us manage our schedules, communicate with one another, edit our images and so much more. Unfortunately, some apps have been needlessly accessing our personal information despite not requiring it in order to effectively operate. Remember the whole flashlight app fiasco?

So, SnoopWall, the folks who provided everyone with a study on the private information that flashlight apps were accessing, launched a privacy app. The SnoopWall Privacy App wants to help you reclaim your privacy. Oh, and it’s free!

It works by looking at all the current apps that you’ve installed and then analyzing those with high-risk capabilities that could potentially allow spying or data leakage. Snoopwall Privacy App will audit your apps, including any banking or financial apps to determine if they contain potential security flaws.

Intrusive apps are featured and organized to show you which ones are accessing your camera, Bluetooth, GPS, microphone and other device features. Another bonus is that Snoopwall Privacy App plays well with others meaning that if you’re running additional firewall or mobile security software you won’t run into any trouble or complications.

Snoopwall Privacy App is only available for Android users with an iPhone and Windows version coming soon.

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