3 Famous Anonymous Works With Unsolved Mysteries

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Famous anonymous works with unsolved mysteries.

An unsolved crime, an impossible riddle or unexplained circumstances might leave most people scratching their heads in wonder. For others they may spur a quest to solve the puzzle, locate answers or decipher the riddle that’s been presented to them. What about unsolved mysteries? Surprisingly, there are many unsolved mysteries on this planet. The most bewildering unsolved mysteries are from three anonymous creators. Who they are we may never know.

Voynich Manuscript

The legendary Voynich Manuscript is an illustrated codex featuring an unknown writing system. Produced on vellum pages that have been carbon-dated to the early 15th century (1404-1438) the manuscript is named after a Polish book dealer, Wilfrid Voynich, who purchased it in 1912.

Cryptographers, codebreakers, linguists and historians have studied the Voynich Manuscript in an attempt to decipher what it means, however, no endeavors have proven successful. Speculation about the manuscript’s authenticity has some skeptics claiming that it’s a hoax and others who say it is a genuine document.

The original Voynich Manuscript is held at Yale University’s library, but PDF versions can be downloaded and viewed through Internet Archive.

Master of the Playing Cards

During the 15th century the printing press spawned the art of engraving and the first famous artist was the Master of the Playing Cards. This anonymous person, who has been called ‘the first personality in the history of engraving’ is known only through the 106 engravings that exist today. He is named after the set of playing cards that he engraved and it’s speculated that the Master of the Playing Cards may have been a painter because of use of shading in his art.

The Farce of Master Pierre Pathelin

And the final famous work created by an anonymous contributor is the medieval farce Master Pierre Pathelin. Written in French the play was published in 1457 and became extremely popular, as well as influential, due to its critique on the complexity of social situations and dishonesty. Lawyers and a disastrous court case are part of the story and yet no one know who wrote the play.

Enjoy and happy sleuthing!

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  • The Pyat

    Over 70 words and names gleaned using a new transcription alphabet indicate constructions of an old Finno-Ugric origin with a substantial amount of Old Norse. In addition, there is a distinct Slavic influence. Some of the pages contain text suggestive of Karelian runic charm songs or Sami joiks in that they are highly alliterative and trochaic.nnhttp://voynichbirths.blogspot.com/2014/12/follow-on-facebook-functiond-s-id-var.htmlnnThe pages depict female heliocentric star charts resembling Nordic brooches. They also depict kolovrats, octagrams, sauna/banya, torcs, a seidr staff, a distaff, a drop spindle, ceremonial spoons, the sun cross symbol, intercalary year, red conical roofs, onion domes, plants from the northern hemisphere, a landscape resembling the Ruskeala marble caves, zaftig fair blond women, a Permic-like lizard of the underworld, the pike of Tuonela, and runic glyphs comparable to those found in Icelandic magic books.nnSome visual designs are reminiscent of a Sami shamanic drum, Karelian embroidery, and Vologda lace. The herbal powder receptacles are modified sewing necessaires in the tradition of north European treenware.nnAll of this points to core elements of north European culture that can be found in Scandinavian, Finno-Ugric, north Germanic, and to some extent Celtic traditions. These belief systems go back thousands of years.

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