MyPermissions Helps Protect Online Personal Information

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MyPermissions provides online personal information from apps with too much access.

In the past, we’ve shared how some Android apps have access to more of your personal and private information than they need in order to effectively operate. Slightly unsettling to think that a flashlight app can see your photos or contacts, but it’s not something that you have to willingly accept.

Even Facebook has changed how its API pulls friend data and shares with developers in an effort to put people and their data first. Apart from Facebook there’s also a handy Android app that you can use to protect your online information called MyPermissions.

MyPermissions works to help you manage the permissions that you’re granting to various apps and online accounts through a simple dashboard. For instance, if you’ve allowed a specific app to use the Facebook login API you can use MyPermissions to scan and see how your data is being accessed. It’s almost like a snapshot of every app that you’re connected to along with what they can access too.

What’s nice about MyPermissions is that you can set it up to send you alerts whenever an app tries to access your data. This lets you be more proactive with protecting your privacy rather than running a scan and checking after the fact.

MyPermissions works with multiple online services from Twitter and Facebook to LinkedIn and Foursquare and more. Download it for free from Google Play.

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