Best Web Development Linux Apps For 2015

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A collection of web development Linux apps for 2015.

Whether you’re a seasoned Linux user or a Linux newb it’s always nice to check out different software and apps for your OS. This is especially true for web developers who prefer to work in a Linux environment. Like most productivity tools and utility apps there lots to choose from, but it doesn’t mean that all of them are created equally. Check out some of these stellar Linux apps to help with web development efforts.


For advanced code editing solutions give LightTable a try. It’s a standout with its unique feedback feature that lets you test out code while you work on it. As one of the more popular editors it has more than 100 unique plugins that you can use to customize it to fit your coding needs.



Code::Blocks is a web development Linux tool.

Code::Blocks is a free open source platform for C++ and Fortran IDE. In addition to being cross-platform, it coms with a tabbed interface, syntax highlighting and a to-do list management option for better collaboration in a team environment.


Use the web development Linux app Brackets for coding.

For a clean, modern and simple text editor Brackets is what you need. Mostly used for HTML and CSS scripting Brackets is lightweight, yet powerful. Equipped with inline editors and live preview capabilities it will give you a leg upon on all your web development projects and needs. Don’t for get to check out available plugins too.



Eclipse is a web development Linux app.

Eclipse is a web development solution, but it’s also a super community of users that are available to offer support, answer questions and bounce ideas around. With a dedicated plugin development environment (PDE) Eclipse can be heavily tailored to make it your own. Eclipse has a Java, C++ and PHP IDE, among others.

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