Mailpile – An Open Source, Encrypted Email Client

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Mailpile is an encrypted email clients that is also free open source software.

Privacy and anonymity are two of our favorite topics of discussion on the Vuze Blog. Whenever possible we strive to bring you news about the latest products, tools and services that can help protect your privacy and anonymity rights, plus preserve your digital identity from being surveilled. So, get ready to add another privacy-focused product to your arsenal of private communication tools. Today, we’re going to highlight Mailpile.

Mailpile is an open source, encrypted email client that is community supported and funded. In addition to be ad-free and void of any back door spying constructs Mailpile is a clean, fast email platform that you’ll actually enjoy using.

At its core, it uses OpenPGP signatures and encryption to prevent your online conversations from being read. It’s also self-hosted, which means you can launch on your laptop, or on a server in the cloud, a USB stick and even a Raspberry Pi. If any of your devices or stolen or lost Mailpile’s encrypted search index helps keep your email secure too.

And last, but certainly not least, Mailpile’s open source software invites anyone to audit and verify the source code. Feel free to fix bugs, add features and share with the community.

Get more information by visiting Mailpile and let us know what you think about this encrypted email client as a privacy protection alternative to other mainstream email clients.

We have no commercial relationships with any of the vendors discussed in this blog, and disclaim responsibility for them and their goods and services.

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