Use These Apps To Locate A Lost Or Stolen Android Phone

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Locate a lost or stolen Android phone with these helpful apps.

If you haven’t ever lost your Android smartphone or had your Droid device stolen then consider yourself lucky. For hose of use who’ve suffered through the terror and panic of losing a phone—it’s anything but pleasant. So, whether you’ve suffered through the experience or haven’t you’ll want to sit up and listen. Here are some helpful and precautionary measures that you can implement to help you locate a lost or stolen phone.

Android Device Manager

A good place to start with making it easy to find a lost or stolen Android phone is to set-up Android Device Manager (ADM). ADM can help you locate your phone (and other devices you’ve associated with your account) by entering ‘find my phone’ in Google search. Additionally, you can use ADM to reset your lock PIN and erase all date on your phone.


Prey is an anti-theft application that enables you to track and locate your lost or stolen phone, PLUS it can protect up to three more devices regardless of platform. You can have your Android phone, an iPad and your laptop all on one Prey account and the best news—it’s free! A paid version of the app unlocks upgraded features to give you even more control, including email support.


One of the more popular and tech blog recommended apps is Lookout Security & Antivirus. It comes in a free and paid version (two-week trial available with free) that provides robust protection for your Android devices. Lookout can backup call history and photos, as well as protect you from malware and give you a secure browser for search. If anyone attempts to access your phone or if phone activity seems unusual, Lookout will use your phone’s camera to take a picture, which may help identify the individual who’s got a hold of your phone. Lookout paid version prices can be found on Google Play.

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