Mattermost: Open source, Slack-alternative

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A Slack alternative, open source Mattermost is solid option.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve most likely heard the media buzzing about the office messaging app called Slack. Slack has taken Silicon Valley by storm and has drastically changed the way that inter-office communication is handled. Some say that Slack is putting an end to email and perhaps they’re right. But, Slack costs money and for smaller teams, freelancers and budget-challenged users it may not be a feasible option, which is why we’re sharing Mattermost.

Mattermost is an open-source, Slack alternative that you can download and install locally. Developed as a team communication service users can send messages and files across various channels, receive notifications and/or alerts and search history on PC and smartphone.

You can implement hashtags to organize messages and threads, create team-specific color theme and archive important communication for future reference. In short, a much easier and more efficient way for remote teams to work together and exchange messages when compared to email (starting to sound like a dinosaur at this point).

It’s important to mention that Mattermost is a work in progress. The team is working on launching an iOS application and they’re open to feature requests, bug reporting and exchanging ideas to help make it the best open source team-messaging tool available.

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