How To Clean Up Your Digital Footprint

Cleaning out your garage or your closet isn’t quite the same as cleaning up your digital footprint. For instance, when you box up junk or clothing you no longer wear you can simply toss it […]


3 Types Of Cyberattacks & How to Avoid Them

We’ve seen the headlines and heard about the horrors lurking beneath cyberattacks like Cryptolocker, FREAK and even Heartbleed. But, what’s the difference among these cyberattacks and even more importantly what can you do to try […]


4 Killer Linux Chat Clients To Checkout

For folks who prefer and use Linux as their primary OS over Mac or Windows there’s a trade-off. Yes, Linux affords users greater control over their OS, but it can be challenging to find compatible […]


Online Anonymity – Weekly Content Round-Up

Online anonymity drives lively debates between those who support it and others who oppose it. Depending on which camp you reside in there are strong and justifiable opinions and observations from each side. Here are […]


Gazon SMS Virus Impacts Android

Viruses, they’re not just for desktops. As cybercriminals explore other ways to exploit users they’ve started to branch out across platforms. By using a combination of techniques pulled from old viruses and worms a new […]


Delete Your Browser History With Privacy Agent

It should come as no surprise to anyone that nearly all of your online activity can be tracked and logged (unless you take precautions to anonymize yourself). Furthermore, removing traces of online activity isn’t as […]


FREAK Flaw & How You Can Protect Yourself

Earlier this month, it was revealed that yet another security flaw had been discovered. Known as the FREAK flaw it can harm secure web connections and potentially expose sensitive information in the process. Many companies […]