Online Privacy – Weekly Content Round-Up

We’ve shared tips, apps, tools and suggestions on how to improve and protect your online privacy. Now, we’re collecting a few headlines from around the web that discuss the topic further and offer additional information […]


How To Delete Superfish From Your PC

Before we dive into how to remove Superfish let’s talk about what it is. Formally known as Superfish Visual Discovery, this pre-installed software program shipped with many Lenovo PCs and was supposed to work as […]


How To Clean Up Your Digital Footprint

Cleaning out your garage or your closet isn’t quite the same as cleaning up your digital footprint. For instance, when you box up junk or clothing you no longer wear you can simply toss it […]


3 Types Of Cyberattacks & How to Avoid Them

We’ve seen the headlines and heard about the horrors lurking beneath cyberattacks like Cryptolocker, FREAK and even Heartbleed. But, what’s the difference among these cyberattacks and even more importantly what can you do to try […]