Online Privacy – Weekly Content Round-Up

Call it an Orwellian-reality or label it the Snowden-effect, online privacy has become a concerning issue among the masses. Whether you’re worried about being tracked via web cookies or wondering if your online email under surveillance […]


Tor – Vuze Weekly Content Round-Up

There are a multitude of sites and data that aren’t indexed by search engines and collectively their often referred to as the Hidden Web or even the Dark Web. To access and explore them you need […]


Peerio Wants To Bring Privacy To Everyone

Privacy and anonymity have become big buzzwords among developers and end users. Being able to offer software, apps and other online productivity tools that include an encryption layer are what people are clamoring for these […]


For Secure Messaging Give OneOne A Spin

For privacy-minded folks who have a hankering for messaging friends, but without sacrificing their personal information and chat records you’ll want to check out new messaging app OneOne. Because there are so many messaging apps […]


The Pros & Cons Of Online Anonymity

Depending on which side of the fence you’re on you could see online anonymity as a blessing or a curse. Social and political activists and privacy advocates propagate the importance of anonymity; whereas some repressive […]


The Truth About Tor & What You Need To Know

Sometimes referred to as the Deepnet, Invisible Web or Hidden Web, the Deep Web is actually part of the Internet that isn’t indexed by search engines. Because the Deep Web isn’t cataloged and because most […]


How To Preserve Your Online Anonymity

Safeguarding personal information and preserving online privacy and anonymity continue to be major concerns for individuals and businesses alike. Awareness of cybersecurity is on the rise as DDoS attacks escalate and new revelations from Edward […]