3 Super Web Proxies You Need Now

Let’s start with what a web proxy is to help make sense regarding why you need one. Think of a web proxy server as a middle-man with your Internet connection. It’s a point to point […]


Anonymous Books For Summer Reading

Summer’s time and the reading’s easy! Filled with lazy days on the beach, vacation, barbecues – you get the picture, which makes it an ideal time for reading. We’ve grabbed a potpourri of books believed to […]


Anonymous – Weekly Content Round-Up

Choosing to be anonymous in certain instances is one way to protect your identity, but still exercise commentary about opinion without consequence. Sometimes anonymity is used for good and sometimes it’s connected to bad. Either […]


Share An Anonymous Experience With 20 Day Stranger App

Imagine connecting with someone that you’ve never met and who you will never know and watching their daily life unfold through your smartphone. Would you want to see someone else’s life or share your own […]


4 Anonymous Artists Who Can’t Be Identified

Some call it street art. Some call it vandalism. However you choose to categorize spray painted pictures that adorn many city walls at their core they’re arguably forms of artistic expression. Banksy, Bristol’s most famous […]


Lantern, An Anonymous Portable Library Needs Your Support

If free, worldwide Wi-Fi access sounds like something awesome to have then keep reading. Global broadcast startup, Outernet is hoping to pave the way and make that very notion a possibility. A large amount of […]