How To Protect Yourself From Keyloggers

Looking at media headlines, cyberattacks and backdoor hacks have been on the rise. Not the best news to hear. For folks who are doing what they can to protect their privacy and digital identity with […]


Whiteout Mail, Open Source Email Privacy With End To End Encryption

German-based company Whiteout Mail aims to deliver an email client with cross-platform technology, secure and connected to OpenPGP for effortless, safe communication. Whiteout Mail describes itself as a blend of Thunderbird, Enigmail and GPG rolled […]


Mailpile – An Open Source, Encrypted Email Client

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ReVault Is Your Own Wearable Private Cloud

Privacy is and should be a concern for anyone who uses a smartphone, accesses the Internet or maintains personal information in a digital or online format. Protecting your personal data and preserving your identity are […]


3 New Open Source Secure Communication Projects

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4 Encryption Tools That You Should Be Using

If there’s one thing that people are clamoring for it’s access to tools and services that provide better privacy protection and personal data encryption. And let’s be honest, why would any of us want strangers […]


Jumble Makes Email Encryption Free & Easy

When it comes to digital communication we have plenty of options to choose from. There’s SMS, IM and simple phone calls, but one of the most popular and constant forms is good old-fashioned email. According […]